Three Tips for Staying Healthy on a Tight Budget

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    Nobody wants to be unhealthy. If it were up to us, we’d all be in top shape: fit, full of energy, and ready to jog down the beach or don our bathing suits at a moment’s notice. 

    But the fact is, life gets in the way. We’re busy. We’re stressed out. Organic food costs a fortune, and the hours we spend at work make that drive-through all the more enticing. 

    Still, there’s a middle-ground between eating all organic foods and spending an hour a day at the gym, and surrendering to the cheapest, most convenient habits.

    If you’re looking to take better care of yourself but struggling to make the time to hit the gym or free up space in your budget for healthier habits, read on for these simple, affordable tips on staying healthy without taxing your schedule or your wallet.

    Take walks

    Somehow we’ve allowed ourselves to take an all-or-nothing mentality towards health. But we shouldn’t look at health this way. 

    Sure, it’d be great to jog a mile every day. But we underestimate the value of a good walk. Studies show that far from being a compromise, walking brings with it genuine benefits that can more than boost our health. From improving heart health to promoting weight loss, improved immune systems, and mental wellness, routine walks can do wonderful things for the body and mind–all without breaking a sweat!

    Try a meal delivery service

    Meal delivery services provide a great middle-ground between ordering in and cooking at home. These healthy, pre-made entrees are often created by chefs and nutritionists to provide you with a nice balance between flavor and health benefits. And since they’re delivered straight to your door, they’ll save you time spent shopping at the grocery store, and money you’d otherwise spend on take-out or deliveries. 

    Meal delivery companies today cater to all sorts of lifestyles, specialty diets, and culinary tastes. Some provide plant-based meals, some specialize in weight-loss goals, and others still dish out delicious, hearty staples that’ll bring you back to childhood. Check out the different companies and find one that works for you: this everyplate review, for example, offers plenty of insights into the types of meals you can get delivered straight to your door. 

    Make your own healthy snacks

    Health food stores are notoriously expensive. But that doesn’t mean that health food itself needs to drain our bank accounts. 

    There are some surprisingly simple snacks you can make that will improve your health and keep you away from other cravings. One of these is trail mix. Trail mix is famously good for energy and heart health, and provides substantial amounts of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. And not only that–there’s chocolate inside!

    Head over to a bulk food store and buy a few bags of nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, and dried fruit–and then get to mixing yourself. This will cost you infinitely less than purchasing brand-name trail mix, and will allow you to customize each batch to your own preferences. 

    Trail mix is healthy, but also delicious, and a great way to satisfy cravings throughout the day. The mix of sweet and salty is sure to tide you over during those cruel hours between breakfast and lunch. So mix your own batch, pack a bag for the road, and enjoy!


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