Want to Try a Keto Diet? Read this First

    The keto diet has been on the news lately and there can be plenty of reasons why you also want to try it. But, before you transform into the state of ketosis, there are a few things you need to plan and do. Otherwise, the diet can backfire you and affect your health negatively.

    A keto diet is not just about high fats and low carbs, there’s a lot more to it. You firstly need to understand the science behind how it really works and what makes it so effective. The science behind starting a keto diet is to put your body in the state of ketosis, which means to transform your body from carb-burning to fat-burning. Now that you are aware of the basics, let’s move ahead with some tips that you must consider on your keto journey!

    1. What food choices to make?

    When you begin with a ketogenic diet, it is easy to guess that it will severely limit your carbohydrate intake. But how? Well, everything lies in the food choices you make.

    When you kick-start, try to limit carb intake to 20 to 30gm. It is essential to know what your food choices consist of and break it down to protein, carbs, and fats.

    When the discussion is about carbohydrates, choices are only limited to chips, cookies, bread, and pastas into this category. There are so many healthier alternatives that will be stunned. There’s a list of carbohydrate-rich fruits and vegetables.

    For instance, beans, when we talk about beans, it is perceived as a healthy source of protein, but at the same time, it is high on carbs. The only food choices you can make with no carbs will either be meats or pure fats like butter, olive oils and similar. it is important to consider all of this so that your keto diet can produce maximum benefits.

    1. Do not be afraid of fats

    Sometimes people forget that a keto diet is not just about pushing out carbs out of your life but also about including a lot of fats. In fact, this is an important aspect of a keto diet that you must consider.

    You need to examine your body’s relationship with fat. Once you start researching, there are a lot of myths about fats that will be discovered. Do not believe in it.

    Rather, research about the small adjustments you can make in your day to day life and you prepare for a high-fat diet. When you begin, it might feel a little too much but once the body hits ketosis, you will automatically observe the results.

    1. Watch out on your protein consumption

    This can be a myth-breaker, but a keto diet is a moderate-protein diet. There are diets where you have the leisure to gorge onto protein but the keto diet is different and for it to be most effective, watch out how much protein you consume.

    It is simple, protein can be converted to glucose by your body which will pull out your body from ketosis, which you don’t want.

    1. Include bulletproof coffee to your daily regime

    Now since keto has been around for a while, there are drinks that are declared to be keto-friendly. These can provide extraordinary benefits in your diet.

    One such drink is the bulletproof coffee made by adding coconut oil and butter into your regular coffee. It will not only keep hunger at bay but also give you time to plan your next meal. However, the drink has bad cholesterol components. So, if you have a history of heart diseases, it’s wise to avoid it. You can instead consult a doctor before beginning.

    Wrapping up!

    Before you start with your ketogenic diet obsession, it is always better to know as much as you can. That way, you will be able to do it more seriously. On the other hand, it’s always better to have a quick consultation with a dietician or nutritionist. They can advise the best for you without disturbing the regular nutritional requirement of your body. Trust me, once you are addicted to the results so achieve, you will not want to trade your older lifestyle for the whole world. 


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