This Sponge Is Unlike Any Cleansing Tool You’ve Ever Used And You’ll Love It

    After you use the Dew Puff once, you'll never want to use another product again!

    This 100% plant fiber sponge is something everyone should try in 2017. Your skin will stay naturally hydrated and is completely chemical free.

    It is called the Dew Puff. I was attracted to it by its large size, which makes it perfect for the shower and can be used as an everyday face or full-body cleanser.

    fullsizerenderDew Puff is a company that sells facial sponges made of the konjac root. Konjac (the only ingredient in Dew Puff) makes the sponge slightly alkalize. This neutralizes the skin, washing away dirt and impurities without soap. Yes, I said without soap. You can actually choose whether or not you want to use cleanser.

    When dry, the sponge is hard and lightweight. I was skeptical at first because I prefer something soft so no irritation occurs. When you wet it, it becomes soft and the perfect texture for a cleansing tool. It feels fantastic when exfoliating and is perfect for all skin types. It is even gentle enough for infants!

    The different varieties of Dew Puff make this product even more appealing. It comes in the Original Dew Puff, Bamboo Charcoal for blemished skin, and Asian Clay for absorbing impurities.

    It is suggested that you hang to dry between uses to keep it clean. You can also boil or microwave it to clean it (Click here to see Dew Puff’s FAQ “How can I sanitize my Dew Puff Konjac Sponge?”). They recommend the sponge be replaced every 3 months or so.

    The retail price is $8 which is a great value for the great quality of the sponge. I couldn’t be happier with this product and I will be sure to stock up for the new year!

    After you use the Dew Puff once, you’ll never want to use another product again. Your skin will be even more radiant and you’ll want to show it off every day!

    Visit the website:

    The Dew Puff Story:

    For thousands of years, merchants offered exotic ingredients gathered from around the world and shipped along ancient trade routes. Those ingredients used to enhance beauty were especially prized. For instance, Cleopatra and women of her time used ingredients from China, Gaul, and beyond.

    slider3Masashi, founder and beauty visionary of Dew Puff, is a modern-day, global trader. His youth was spent in Japan and Argentina where he found his passion for travel, sustainability, and bringing the finest traditional products to the U.S. market. His wife, Maya, found Konjac facial sponges when searching out the most effective, totally natural beauty products in Asia. Masashi and Maya realized that Konjac Sponges were an answer to many skin conditions and regimens. Beautiful skin and sustainability combine in products that clean, gently exfoliate, soothe, heal and more.


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