This Millennial Will Get You Excited About Poetry Again

    As part of the the New Theory poetry series, we’re featuring Valid, an up and coming Millennial poet.

    We asked Valid to send some of his latest work, check it out as you won’t be disappointed:

    Land of the Free

    In this land,
    As the sun has given his brand
    The heat intensifies; he’s living in Nam.
    The god given world is within his hand.
    In the Land of the greed,
    Where each man had to bleed 
    So each man can see
    The plan to be freed.
    In the Land where we need
    Peace to the pain; we plead.
    More to our names than being born to breathe.
    The world is wide; there is more to see.


    The stranger within the mirror.
    Is mixed with anger stricken with fear.
    Yes I must create anew.
    All these shots and I just made a few.
    Through this change of pace
    The mirror shows a stranger face.
    Yet this person is familiar.
    And the question here is peculiar.
    Take a second; listen.
    I revere this recognition,
    Let go of rage wrecking within.
    Pray the Lord’s blessing is given.
    Self respect I regain.
    Inner peace I retain.
    This pain will refrain.
    But roots will grow back and reframe.


    A writer’s block
    Becomes a fighter’s job,
    On how to make the outsiders stop
    Fly high after a minor flop.
    As these bright rays lift 
    I am given today’s gift.
    I was born to do more,
    I refuse to work the slave shift.
    The eyes of a lover,
    Is like a prize of no other.
    She guides me like my mother,
    And confides in me like her brother.
    With the world in my hands,
    Popped a pretty pearl into the plans.
    Peace, Love & Positivity.
    Living until above my god lifts me.



    Let us know your thoughts about this up and comer as we’re happy to provide a platform for artistic expression.


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