This is How You Should Love A Man

    love a man

    Some of my best friends have been guys.

    I must say, I’ve learned a lot from them.

    Guys, like girls, believe there is a certain stereotype they have to live up to. They have to be tough, they have to know how to fix a sink if it falls apart, patch a hole in the roof if it’s leaking, and be the bread winner- but they’re never allowed to cry.

    What happens is this tough guy persona comes out meanwhile, what they really want they never discuss because they fear it will damage that strong man image. It’s sad, honestly.

    This may come as a shock, but dudes have feelings too – and a lot of them.

    Men are men, but men are human. They need love and compassion just like women do. They deserve respect and kindness, they desire honesty. Relationships are give and take, and if there is any confusion, let me clarify…

    …This is how you should love a man.

    Love Him With Respect.

    If you want him to love you with respect, you must do the same. Don’t bark orders at him, ask him if he can do something for you. Don’t treat him like garbage or talk badly about him in front of his friends. Chances are whatever you’re saying doesn’t need to be said right then and there, and all you’re doing is embarrassing him. Don’t let other guys be all over you when you’re out with the girls. You wouldn’t want another girl all over him, so don’t let there be a double standard just because you may get a free drink or two out of it.

    Love Him with Appreciation.

    If he washes the dishes (even though you asked him to) thank him. If he stops at the store for you or makes sure you have everything you need for your business trip out of town, give him a kiss and tell him you love him. A lot of times, men stop doing things because they don’t feel appreciated, they just feel like they’re dating their mother. Letting him know when he does something, you appreciate it isn’t hard, and it will mean the world to him.

    Love him with Proudness.

    If he comes home and tells you he got a promotion or a new job, celebrate it. Don’t let it roll off your sleeve as if he said something worthless. Give him a hug and a kiss. Make him an extra special dinner or treat him to a night out to brag about his accomplishment. Buy him a gift so you can mark the moment forever. Tell your friends about the good he does, not just the venting. Nothing makes a man feel better than knowing his girl is proud to be on his arm.

    Love him with Understanding.

    He’s not going to want to go dress shopping with you all the time, or food shopping on Saturday morning. He’s going to have his own hobbies like the gym, or music, or his car. Whatever it may be, don’t force him into situations that he feels uncomfortable with. Sorry, he doesn’t like country music. As long as he doesn’t stop you from going and enjoying yourself, there shouldn’t be an issue. Understand that you’re not going to share all the same interests, but the ones you do will be amazing.

    Love him with Strength.

    Yes, the man is suppose to be the glue that holds the family together, but even they have bad days. If something is bothering him or you realize he’s not himself, don’t mock him for it. Open your arms, hold him and tell him whatever it is he can talk to you about it. No matter how silly, stupid or ridiculous he may think it sounds, you will help him find himself again. If he happens to break down in your arms, it’s because you’ve made him feel safe enough to trust you with his venerability. He will always fight for you, but you have to be willing to fight for him as well.

    Love him with Yourself.

    Don’t deprive him of love. Don’t punish him with weeks, months or even years without intimacy. It’s hurtful and will make him feel as if you don’t find him attractive. As long as he’s still giving his all to you, there is no reason you should ever hold back. Ravish him the same way he ravishes you.

    Love him with Support.

    If he loses his job, help him find a new one. If he has a dream, help him chase it. If he has a goal, do everything you can to help him achieve that goal. You should always be a team. Fight together, fail together, succeed together. That’s the best way to build a foundation that will outlast the years.

    Love him. Love him Wholesomely, Love him hard. Love him purely. Love him with all of your heart.



    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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