This Female Millennial Entrepreneur Left Desk Job to Roll the Dice on Her Dream

    Katie La Vecchia, Co-Founder of the President’s Club Barbershop in Millburn, NJ joins the New Theory podcast as she shares her entrepreneurial journey.

    Katie La Vecchia hated her desk job as she followed the traditional route of “go to school” and “get a good job,” although possessing the intelligence and drive to succeed in the corporate world, she realized that sitting at a desk wasn’t for her. She wanted to work in a dynamic environment for where she would have a more flexible schedule and control her destiny.

    She first wanted to perfect her craft as she used to work for other barber shops for close to seven years. On the podcast, Katie shares her story as to why she started her own business, but also a step by step guide on how she is doing it.

    This interview is for those are looking to start their own business or have already begun their entrepreneurial journey and can use some actionable tips. Katie is my niece as I couldn’t be more proud of her, but I also learned a lot from this interview as she amazes me every time I check in on her journey.

    Take a listen to this special podcast:

    Join the President’s Club Grand Opening this weekend on Saturday 9, 2017.

    Go to her website here:

    Or call: (973) 858-8899


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