The World’s Riskiest Sports: Infographic

    Let’s Get Dangerous – the world’s 15 riskiest sports

    If you like your sports with a bit more in the way of adrenaline, the new Risky Sports infographic from is for you.

    Is watching badminton not doing it for you? Tiddlywinks a bit too tiddly? Does curling just not get your engine revved? Get your pads on, buckle up, and make sure you’ve got a parachute – these are the world’s riskiest sports.

    The new infographic from looks into some of the craziest, most death-defying sports in the world, from base-jumping off buildings to facing down the horns of a bull. Each has the number of deaths, locations it’s done, and important facts – as well as a risk factor, so you can find one just right for how deadly you want to go.

    High Risk

    All of the sports are risky – but some take it a step further. Here are some of the riskiest sports:

    • High Altitude Mountaineering – the real danger is the extreme situation in which you’re attempting the sport. Low oxygen, high winds, and freezing temperatures up the risk drastically – with 286 people dying climbing Everest alone.
    • Off-Piste Skiing – high speeds, avalanches, and hidden crevasses: off-piste skiing is for thrill-seekers and the questionably-sane. It does offer fresh, untouched powder, but also causes over 100 deaths every year, and an uncharted number of injuries.
    • F1 – not as accessible to get involved as the two above, but it’s the ideal option for those who just want to watch sports with a bit more risk. There have been 51 deaths on the track since 1952 and a much higher number of near misses.
    • Horse Racing – at first glance, it might not seem as dangerous as skydiving or boxing, but horses are very strong, very heavy animals, and accidents can involve being trampled or kicked. One in every 10,000 regular riders will die.
    • Bull Fighting – considering the sport contains the words “bull” and “fighting”, it’s easy to see why it’s risky. But the world’s most-gored bullfighter Antonio Barrera, having cheated death 23 times, said of retirement: “What do I have to look forward to now?”

    Whether you have a need for speed, a delight in heights (and fights), or just a love of something described as “full contact”, make sure to check out the rest of the sports in the full infographic:

    View Interactive Version

    Please be sure to proceed with caution:)


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