The World’s Craziest Bets {Infographic}

    Check out the world’s craziest bets.

    Sometimes, you’ve got to take a risk. But in some of the world’s most unusual bets, the risks can be massive – maybe even your life…

    The new infographic from Vegas Slots looks at some of the world’s craziest bets, from gambling away your life savings on a single spin of the roulette wheel, to an accumulator based on a series of random events, to political predictions.

    Grateful Granddads and Dead Daredevils

    Have you ever had so much confidence on something that you just had to put a bet on it? Check out these people who were prepared to take a risk:

    • In 2013, Peter Edwards’ £50 on his grandson, Harry Wilson, paid off. He’d bet that Wilson would play football for Wales, and indeed he did, at the young age of 16, Wales’ youngest-ever senior player. The real twist?  He placed the bet when Wilson was 18 months old.
    • Ashley Revell took his entire life savings to Las Vegas and bet them all on red. $135,000 – and he won, doubling his money.
    • Another Vegas big winner, Williams Lee Bergstrom took a pair of suitcases to the craps table. One was empty. One contained $777,000. When he walked away, he had two cases, both containing $777,000.
    • Captain Matthew Webb made his name as a daredevil, and was the first man to swim the English Channel. Riding off his success, he stood to earn $10,000 by betting on his ability to swim the Niagara Rapids as well. He lost the money – and his life.
    • An unknown man decided, in 1989, to place an accumulator bet of £30. First, that Cliff Richard would be knighted. Then, that by the year 2000, the band U2 should still be together, Eastenders would still be on BBC1, and the shows Home and Away and Neighbours would both be shown on British TV. For correctly guessing each of these odd coincidences, the man won £194,400.

    If you’re getting any ideas, remember – not all of them won their bets. As well as Captain Webb’s unfortunate demise, Bergstrom went on to place further bets, and although he won the next time, the third bet he made – for $1,000,000 – was a failure. On the other hand, Revell used his winnings to set up multiple businesses – so quit while you’re ahead!  If you do decide to gamble online, check out bookmaker bonuses to get the best deal when you sign-up for an online account.

    Check out the Infographic below:

     craziest bets info-graphic

    View Interactive Version


    So what was your craziest bet?


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