The Ultimate Lifestyle Change is Quitting Smoking

    If you feel like it’s time to quit smoking, you are not alone. It is said that 7 people out of 10 say they want to stop smoking, however, those who do put up a real fight. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can ever do to your health. Smoking affects almost every organ of your body. 

    Statistics show that nearly all heart diseases have a direct effect on smoking. For instance, in the US alone, approximately half a million people die of tobacco-related cases. And since it’s not easy to overcome smoking overnight, vaping has become the escape route. What is vaping? Is inhaling and exhaling of aerosol, referred to as “vapor.” It is produced by an e-cigarette device or something similar. 

    So, the introduction of vaping devices has helped smokers to get a chance to escape from direct smoking of tobacco. 

    Importance of Vaping to Smokers

    Smokers are nowadays realizing the effect of smoking create in their body and are opting for an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are battery-powered batteries that help to deliver nicotine through heating an e-liquid. So, the use of e-cigarette is continuously gaining popularity as it is seen to be a safer alternative over conventional cigarettes. 

    There is no danger has yet been associated with using the e-cigarette. Moreover, vaping using e-cigarette not only takes care of your health, but also protects secondary smokers who get affected by conventional cigarette through “the smoke.” For you to enjoy the vaping use a vape pen instead. As their name suggests, they are portable, easy to use, cheaper, discreet, battery-operated, and refillable. 

    Transition Smokers Undergo When Quitting to Smoke

    The ups and downs you experience after you quit smoking can feel like a rollercoaster. Many smokers are stuck in the smoking habit, for lack of exit path. Those who have successfully quit smoking can attest the transition to stop is hell itself. A small percent of quitters confess to having had a slight withdrawal symptom, while others had to resume back after the breaking process becomes unbearable. 

    The violent symptoms you experience in your body when quitting is an indication of the level of damage conventional smoking had on you. The first few weeks you will feel restlessness, weight gain (some lose appetite), cravings, irritability, cold, constipation, dizziness, mouth ulcers and more. 


    An Effective way to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms

    When the vaping idea came into realization, at first, it was thought to assist those against strong hits conventional cigarettes have. Later, vaping became a solution for quitting smokers who found a way to detoxify the cigarette effect from their body through e-cigarettes. Though e-cigarettes never liberate 100% from smoking, the act is safer to your body and those around you. 

    Since the invention of e-cigarettes, the rate of quitters has constantly increased as they prefer vaporizers over traditional smoking. Below are some of the reasons that prompt smokers to quit.

    • To avoid health issues associated with smoking
    • Protect family members from secondhand smoking
    • Becoming a good role model for the young generation/ your children
    • To save money
    • To keep the tobacco smell away 


    Vaping has exceeded the positive than the negative, and its high time FDA approved vaping as a smoking cessation aid. E-cigarettes are the only effective approach smokers can embrace to overcome conventional cigarette addiction. Smokers jumping from traditional smoking to e-cigarette stage help them to quit altogether without the issue of symptom withdrawals than quitting immediately with no process.

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