Concussion: Exposing the Silent Epidemic


    Many refer to traumatic brain injury as the “silent epidemic” due to lack of treatment options after assessment, for those that do not recover within the first 4 weeks with just rest. 

    Simone Fortier is looking to raise awareness of treatment options, supporting the healing of brain injury, sharing  “it takes a team to heal concussion”. Fortier upcoming workshop focuses on a systematic treatment protocol to give health care providers, physical therapists, and athletic therapists specific tools that help reduce and relieve symptoms of concussion. 

    Fortier’s workshop will be held at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB from August 9 to the 11th. The Fascia coach and therapist will feature topics like the stages of healing after a head injury and how to reduce brain inflammation. The three-day workshop is geared towards professionals in the healthcare field, such as physical therapists and chiropractors. 

    “My work is universal in that every day I am helping others recover from injuries and pain in order to get their lives on track, allow sustainability, and heal for the future,” she said. 

    As the founder of the  Fascia Training Institute, she has helped thousands of patients seeking help to recover from brain injuries. Fortier has empathy for those suffering from brain trauma, for she previously suffered from the same health issues. Fortier has experienced over six concussions and severe migraines, but her health obstacles never hindered her determination to find an effective treatment to minimize and eliminate her own pain and that of others. 

    “All of the injuries and life experiences I have sustained have been my greatest teachers,” Fortier said. “All of the physical injuries led me on a path to healing. In each case I knew that there was a solution to my injury, and I set off into the world to find the remedy to heal myself.”

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    Just recently, boxer Maxim Dadashev passed away from brain injuries sustained from a match. Dadashev’s untimely death has brought greater attention to the need for better and effective concussion protocol in the combat sports industry – which includes the UFC, MMA, and boxing. The significant effects of brain injuries, including concussions, show how more attention and help is needed to combat the troubling illness. 

    Fortier’s workshop will offer attendees insightful techniques and advice on how to manage the resulting effects of brain injuries. Her breakthrough research is inspiring, and brings reassurance and hope to those seeking a remedy from their health problems. 

    For more information, visit: Follow Fortier on Instagram at @simonefortier. 


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