The Ultimate Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

    Dry skin is a condition that is often experienced by many people. This condition can occur due to changes in weather, age, exposure to sunlight, and many other conditions.


    But what is the main cause of skin getting dehydrated and prone to cracking?


    Just like any other reason for getting dehydrated, dry skin often occurs because our body is lacking in water. This skin condition can happen to anyone, whatever their age or skin type. Apart from what has been mentioned above, dry skin can also happen due to several medication issues, such as:


    • Eczema, appearance of red scaly rash that feels very itchy.
    • Psoriasis, an inflammation of the skin that causes the skin to become thick, scaly, and peel off easily.
    • Actinic keratosis, a skin disorder that causes the skin to get rough and scaly due to excessive exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Lichen planus, an autoimmune disease with chronic inflammation of the skin
    • Ichthyosis, causes skin to look like dry scaly fish-like skin, which is passed down in families and is a lifelong condition.


    Signs of Dry Skin

    The main symptom of dehydrated skin is dullness, it may also show signs of premature aging and lack of elasticity. Here are some of the dry skin signs:

    • Itchiness
    • Fine lines
    • Dark circles under the eyes
    • White flakes of skin
    • Irritation and redness


    How to Hydrate Your Skin?

    Solving your dry skin problem is easy! You don’t have to pay lots of expensive treatment at the skin clinic, you can get your moist and fresh skin with the following strategies!


    Drink plenty of water

    One of the ways to remedy dry skin is by improving your water intake. Drinking more water helps you to hydrate your body, and also your skin. Thus it will help you to maintain your skin moisture.


    It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Though sometimes it is hard to do so for most people, especially if they are busy during the day! Here are two main things you can implement to enhance your water intake.


    Install an app to remind you to drink

    There are lots of apps that you can install to help to remind you to drink water regularly. It is so easy to forget how many times you have drunk per day, thus you don’t know whether you have sufficient water intake or not. But with the app, you will not miss your hourly water intake needs.


    Stock for a bulk water

    Some people don’t like the taste of water which comes from the tap. Thus they avoid drinking water because of the taste or the smell. Changes in taste or smell is very common to happen in the tap water, this is because it is so easy for our tap water to get contaminated.


    Even if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like the taste of tap water, it does not mean you should avoid drinking water altogether. Because if you do this for a long time, it will be dangerous for your overall health.


    To troubleshoot this problem, you should purchase bulk water instead. Find the best water production that offers high-quality water. Thus, you will have the best and most constant taste of water. Check out My Own Water products to get the best water quality for you to consume every day. You can also opt for the water bottle to be made of aluminum, to protect the environment.


    Moisturize after washing your face

    After washing your face and applying your skincare routine, don’t forget to end the ritual by applying moisturizer as soon as possible to seal all of the products that you have applied. Using face moisturizer will help to keep fluids on the skin and keep it hydrated. You should also apply moisturizer to the rest of your body after bathing.


    Watch the water temperature

    The next thing you should do is by ensuring that you don’t wash your face or take a bath with hot water. Though showering under hot water can relax your body, it can also affect your skin condition making it prone to get drier. The reason is because showering or bathing with hot water will remove natural oil from the skin. Thus from now on, avoid taking a bath with hot water.


    Rely on natural ingredients

    You should rely on ingredients that are natural and safe for the skin to overcome dry skin problems. For example, making natural masks from honey or aloe vera is an easy and practical way to deal with dry skin.


    You should also consume foods that are rich in antioxidants. Instead of only focusing on the external factor and purchasing lots of new and expensive creams, your body will also need nutrients that can repair it from within.


    Antioxidants are the best choice because they can minimize the damage from toxins and help the body make healthy cells. Several foods that can help skin look healthier and hydrated are blueberries, tomatoes, carrots, and nuts. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, can also treat dry skin and make it look more radiant!

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