The Top 7 Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters

    Has your water heater had it? If you’re in the market to replace your water heater, now may be the right time to switch over to a tankless water heater. Take a look at the 7 most common reasons families are making the switch to tankless.

    1) Reduced Energy Consumption

    On demand, tankless water heaters reduce your energy consumption 24 to 34% compared to older alternatives. That number can be pushed up as high as 50% with on demand water heaters at each hot water outlet. Reduced energy consumption is better for the environment and for your monthly energy bills.

    2) Monthly Savings

    The monthly savings are a major motivating factor in making the switch to a tankless water heater. Your savings will depend on how much energy costs where you live, which varies between countries and states. The average family can expect to save about $100 or more per year according to Energy Star.

    3) Instant Water Heating

    When you drain a tank water heater, it takes time to reheat the cold water that’s replenished it, heating water from the bottom of the tank up to the top. But when do you usually drain your water tank? For many families, peak hot water usage is in the morning when everyone takes a hot shower. Then everyone leaves the house for the day. Meanwhile, all that hot water is just sitting there, losing heat rapidly, especially in the winter. A tankless water heater reduces wasted energy by only heating water when you want it.

    4) Longer Life Span

    The average life span of a tankless water heater is 20 to 25 years, compared to the 10 to 15 years you can get out of a tank. Tankless water heaters do require annual maintenance, but you will save on installation costs and new equipment costs.

    5) On Demand Hot Water

    Tankless water heaters are truly luxurious. Because they instantaneously heat water when you want it, you have an endless supply of hot water. When you use larger quantities of hot water, such as in the morning when you’re getting ready or in the evening when you’re doing laundry, washing dishes, and want to take a long soak in the tub, the water is there. When you’re not at home or asleep, you’re not wasting energy keeping a massive tank of water warm.

    6) Eco-Friendliness

    If you’re concerned about the impact of your personal energy consumption on the environment, going eco-friendly with a tankless water heater will reduce your non-renewable fuel consumption. The unit itself also has a smaller impact on the environment, as it’s easier to replace individual parts than with a storage unit where you often have to scrap the entire thing.

    7) Space Efficiency

    The size difference between tank and tankless water heaters is incredible. Depending on the location of your current water heater, you can wind up saving considerable space. They are especially useful in older housing stock that’s smaller and not necessarily built to accommodate big tanks.

    If you’re ready to replace your water heater, now is the time to learn about tankless water heaters and their benefits. You can save money, reduce your energy consumption, and enjoy the luxury of endless hot water. Talk to plumbing professionals about making the upgrade in your home.