The Sweetest Ways To Sneak Alcohol On The Beach This Summer

    Disclaimer: New Theory is not responsible if you get ticketed, fall flat on your face, drunkly eat sand, blow the beach volley ball championship, get eaten by a shark or any other stupid sh*t you may do drunk. [PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY]

    A lot of beaches have decided to become, ‘dry’ because they think people can’t handle their alcohol- I don’t know where they would ever get an idea like that.

    As long as you’re not an idiot and don’t get wasted to the point of drowning yourself, there’s no real issue with having a little buzz while you sun bathe. The question is, how do you get your favorite cocktail on the beach without walking away with a hefty ticket?

    You have to be incognito…

    Sipping a 40 out of a brown bag won’t exactly go unnoticed, but here are a few fool proof ways to get your drink on with out getting noticed.

    • The Watermelon Soak 

    Watermelon is perfect for the summertime day drink because it keeps you hydrated as well as helping you feel real nice.

    1. Cut up a bunch of watermelon the night before.
    2. Get a large  bowl and pour  vodka, gin or whatever your liquoimages-8r of choices is over the water melon just until it soaks up the liquid. (If you have it sitting in a puddle, at the bottom of the bowl the watermelon will fall apart).
    3. The stick it in the freezer. The watermelon won’t freeze all the way through because of the alcohol.
    4. Take it one step further; smash up the watermelon in a cup, add a little sprite and have s a perfect cool down cocktail.

    You’ll have the freshest buzz on the beach!

    *Label so the under 21 youngin’s don’t start muchin’ on your snacks. 

    • Ice Pop Pump Up 

    We’ve all seen mom pull those  Fla- Vor-Ice pops out on the beach to cool us down in the summer heat. If only they had vodka….

    Here’s a trick to pump up your pops with some delicious extras. You may want to let your more precise friends handle this one.

    1. Let the pops defrost or do this before you put them in the freezUnknowner
    2. Take a syringe and poke a small hole in the plastic.
    3. Suck out about a quarter of the liquid. (or more, if you’re trying to ruin your day)
    4. Inject the packet with your alcohol of choice- stick to the clear ones in order to not mess with the color of the pop
    5. Place a piece of tape over the hole and freeze over night.

    The next day you’ll be loving those pops just like you did as a kid- with a little more flavor.

    *It’s bad enough adults act like 5 years olds when they’re drunk. Mark Clearly so you don’t  get an actual 5 year old drunk 

    • The Gummy Bear Soak

    I’m sure you’re no stranger to this trick at all. So take it to the beach! Remember, you’re going to be out in the sun all day, so maybe don’t dump the entire bottle of tequila in the bowl?

    1. Unknown-4Pour gummies into a bowl (Haribo are the best)
    2. To every 5 oz bag, pour half a cup of liquor. – like with an actual measuring cup, not an oversized cup…
    3. Let sit in the fridge over night.
    4. Let your sweet tooth rejoice!

    Keep away from the kiddies. 

    Here’s a tip: A lot of people are using the disguised flasks to get the booze beach bound. The issue with this is you’re pouring something from your sun tan lotion bottle into your drink. It may raise a few eyebrows. Taking the time to plan ahead is your best bet.

    Don’t forget to re-hydrate!


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