The Secret to Winning Social Media & Radio Contests

    Do you find yourself calling to win a pair of free tickets on the radio twenty times in a row, or entering every social media contest online? Somehow after every attempt, you never win. You are doing something wrong and I am going to let you in on some game-changing hacks and secrets on how to win. As a digital marketing manager, I am going to give you some behind the scenes information that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Understanding the Contest and Its Purpose

    First things first, you must understand the contest and its purpose. Nobody is giving away free merchandise, event tickets, or a vacation for the benefit of the public. Every contest has a marketing strategy behind it. I am going to give you a simple guideline whether it is worth entering or not!Legit Contests:

    1. Facebook & Instagram Organic Post Contests – Organic posts are defined as posts that are not backed by money and will show up on the Business page’s news feed. (Can be boosted) These posts will have clear instructions on how to win and a set end date. Business owners will want to guard their credibility if posted on their business page. They will ensure a winner will be announced on the proper date.
    2. Radio Contests– They may be tedious and seem impossible, but they are possible to win. I am living proof, with three prizes from the Radio. There is always a winner, and using my secret and hacks, it will soon be you.


    Steer clear of:

    1. Sponsored Facebook & Instagram Contests– You will find them on your news feed as a paid sponsored ad. These contests are a scheme that Marketing Specialists use to capture your contact information. As you may know, shortly after you will be contacted with a short message thanking you for entering. The message will clarify you didn’t win but they’ll give you a consolation prize of a certain discount off their product or service to bring in more business.
    2. Survey Contests – Survey contests are another marketing strategy that will not leave you with a worthwhile shot at a prize. They will collect your feedback on their product or service and then “enter you,” into their contest.

    How to Win – Secrets & Hacks

    To win you must analyze each contest and take advantage of each contest’s errors and weak points. All my secrets and hacks are completely legal and are possible due to the business Owner or Marketing Specialist’s ignorance. Are you ready for some game changing hacks & secrets?

    1. Voting Contests– There are many contests in the format of a poll, the person with the most votes is the winner. Most contests only allow one vote per person, and they use the voter’s cookies to limit to one vote per device.Hack: If you put your phone or desktop in private mode, every time you refresh the browser you will have another chance to vote for yourself! This allows you unlimited votes to push yourself to first place.


    1. Radio Contests– These contests are primarily created for people to call in. Do you seem to call and continue to get a busy dial tone? Here is a key to avoid the annoying beeping and get your call through.


    Secret:If you are calling and constantly getting the busy dial tone, don’t immediately call back. You must wait five seconds before calling again to get through. It is a pattern you must follow.


    1. Facebook / Instagram Contests– When entering Facebook or Instagram contests, if they are announcing a winner out of a random generator, most likely they are going to pick and choose the winner. They do this based on multiple criteria, I am going to give you a little secret on how to be the perfect candidate.

    Secret: To be the “Randomly Generated Name,” you must have activity on their page. Ensure you are engaging with all other posts, such as liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. You must also tag friends and get them into the contest, show them your bringing their post more hype.

    My Winning Streak

    April 11th, 2019 – Collecting my Las Vegas prize

    Over the years I have collected my fair share of prizes from social media and radio contests. I was able to do so by using my contest hacks and secrets that I learned by trial and error.  I was able to win: four Jingle Ball tickets, two Justin Bieber tickets, four tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure, a branded t-shirt, and my most recent, a vacation to Las Vegas!

    WIN… WIN… WIN!


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