The Reality of Hair & Scalp Health

    The concept of self-care for most people is simple in theory, but there are so many interpretations. People seem to think that it is only for psychological health: as long as your mind is healthy, your body also follows. However, it should also follow physical health, and both can deteriorate over time without the other keeping up. This is why it is essential to stay happy and physically healthy at the same time. Other parts of self-care may fly over the radar but still crucial in our life.

    Haircare is an integral part of self-care, but it seems to be always grouped with “womanly” activities, as this article tells us. Like skincare, most men (especially the straight ones) think that it would reduce their masculinity to take care of their appearance. There is always an appeal for a man who looks like they were stuck in the woods. However, we are in a new era: taking care of yourself is not supposed to be a gendered thing. 

    Aside from these discriminatory factors, there is a lot of misleading information about this aspect of life. People tend to forget that because of all the products being listed all over the internet. Some say that you need them as your life depends on it. Others are just created due to a manufactured need, but customers still ate them all up. Meanwhile, it can be challenging to get the best products in the market due to how saturated it is.

    Improvement For A Better Look

    You can still improve with your hair regimen, but you need to be smart about your decisions. A lot of hair disasters may have come from misinformation or complete disregard of the situation. Be aware of your hair because even the healthiest can get damaged easily. You need to educate yourself and be vigilant about everything you are trying to put into your body. Even if all hair products are used internally, it can still affect your internal body, depending on its ingredients.

    Men and women already have different needs, so it is not surprising that the same goes for keeping your hair healthy. It is known as our crowning glory for a reason, aside from those who do not have any. Still, this part of the body is covered in skin. This means that you need to take care of it as you would do with every other aspect of your body. First off, you need to know and differentiate what kind of hair you have.

    Each hair type has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages, starting with its strength. There are so many types, though, and discussing them all can be rather complicated. You may need to go to a dermatologist specializing in this area of study, but almost any dermatologist can help you. They can quickly identify your type through a series of observations and tests.

    Let us also discuss another aspect that affects many people: the goal of having straight locks. Some people seem to think that having curls is far more complicated than wavy or straight. This is true on some levels since your curls need a lot more love and care because of their brittleness. However, wavy and straight locks have problems of their own. This is not a contest about which type has a more comfortable life; we all have different issues, and hair is not that different.

    There is one problem that has been around for all types, and that is hair loss. People deal with it all the time, some more than others. There are so many factors contributing to this condition, ranging from genetic to psychologically driven issues. It might seem that this is not a major problem for the men, as balding seems to be seen as sexy by others. On the other hand, most women would see this problem at the end of their world.

    What You Need To Be Aware Of

    • Age is a Factor That You Cannot Ignore

    If you are already in the advanced stages of life, those precious locks over your head might fall off sooner or later. No matter what gender you are, or even health-wise, there is a huge chance that you would lose most of it. Everything about our bodies is getting weaker at this point, and that includes our scalp and follicles.

    • Stress Is A Major Contributor

    Even when you are young, you can still suffer from a sudden hair loss. Based on many studies, stress can have a lot of adverse effects on the body. If you are lucky, your hair will turn white, and most people would see this as a non-issue. However, there are other cases wherein they lose clumps of it overnight. It can be due to a disease like alopecia or taking medications like going through chemotherapy. 

    • Hormone Imbalance Is A Concern

    Hormones can also be the reason why everything is falling apart on your body. This does not just include your mane, but the scalp as well. People seem to forget that the top of our head is also covered in skin, and hormone imbalances can make it dry or crusty. It can cause dandruff, which results in the surface being riddled with cracks and crevices that can damage the roots. 

    • Certain Hair Products Are Dangerous

    As the head is covered in skin, certain products can do more harm than good when used all the time. For example, there was a point in recent fashion history when irons were all the rage, and women wanted to have those straight locks without leaving their houses. The heat did not just damage the hair itself, though, but the scalp can get burned as well, causing more loss. Shampoos and conditioners, when used liberally or inappropriately, can also cause a lot of skin issues like dandruff.

    • Seek A Professional For An Advice And Possible Cure

    There is nothing wrong with going to a dermatologist for a cure. People seem to think that this is no longer needed since you can still live while having all of these problems. However, hair care is vital since maintaining its health gets even more difficult as we age. 

    Also, you may need to find products that are not easily found in the market. New products like Keraviatin can also be introduced to you by the dermatologist to help your hair problems. It’s always best to consult with a professional before trying anything new.

    Major Takeaway And Conclusion

    Taking care of your hair health is a necessity for self-care. No matter how much product you put on your head, it would still be terrible if you do not do your part. Eating healthy is just a start, and there are so many food groups that you can eat to improve your mane game. You need to have a lot of protein to combat hair loss, so eating eggs and fish can be an option. Meanwhile, avocados and other fruits are also good sources of fatty acids and oils that can improve many parts of your body.

    Meanwhile, we have mentioned that stress can easily affect your beautiful locks. As we live in a rough time these days, it can be challenging to stress away. The lockdown was just finished, but the cases are still rising. Many people are losing their jobs aside from everything else that is happening with the world, and it seems that anyone is not safe anymore. Escaping all of these stressors might be challenging, but you can always start small for your solutions. 

    The pandemic has also started a new craze: the DIY. The pandemic has made salons unnecessary for survival, so people had to do with themselves. You can see them going to stores, buying colors, straighteners, bleaching products, and a whole lot more. Videos of them doing it on their own have also been shared through social media, and you might be inspired to do it as well as you can see here:

    Be forewarned: some of these people may not know what they were doing when they did something with their hair. It is crucial to seek a professional first, as these products may not work for some people. For example, if you have thick curls, then the iron is not enough to straighten it. The same goes for hair colors, and don’t be surprised if it does not turn up the same way as with the photos.

    Many people worldwide seem to believe that hair care is trivial and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. However, it brings a lot of joy for some who like to have good manes on their heads. There is nothing criminal with taking care of yourself even in this pandemic, and that can include this “trivial” activity. On the other hand, it is still far more important to do it safely and don’t follow online trends just because they seem cool. Remember, these “influencers” might have all the money in the world to fix their mistakes; you might not have the same privilege.


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