The Most Popular Lingerie Brands Every Girl Wants in Her Wardrobe

    There are so many lingerie brands to choose from, compared to just a few years ago, making it difficult to decide on the best one for you. However, some stand out from the rest, so here are several of the most popular lingerie brands women will want to own.


    David Spector, ThirdLove co-founder along with his wife, had the idea behind the company in 2013 when they set out to help women feel more confident about their bodies. Instead of encouraging women to try changing their bodies, ThirdLove caters their bras to them. With so many choices of styles, such as strapless, plunge, wireless, and full coverage, women can find the ideal bra for their needs. Although, ThirdLove doesn’t just sell bras. They have expanded the range to include all lingerie, activewear, and much more.


    Baserange describes their clothing as modern and minimalist, focusing on clean lines and silhouettes. Their lingerie could be defined the same way. Their range can appeal to women who want basic lingerie staples made from natural and recycled materials.


    Bluebella lingerie appeals to eco-conscious women who want quality underwear without costing the earth (both literally and metaphorically). Their initiative, EcoCart, means that when ordering online the carbon cost of shipping their customers’ order is now added at the time of purchase. The money is then used to plant trees to offset this.


    Skims pride themselves on providing solutions for every body shape. Their products are capable of stretching to twice their size, so women can feel comfortable in their lingerie, even if their size changes a little. This means Skims lingerie lasts longer than similar but less versatile items


    Heist lingerie is popular with women because it offers support without restricting movement or causing discomfort. For example, their shapewear is inspired by the designs used in underwear for elite sports. Their lingerie adapts to each woman’s unique shape without making them overheat or compromising on breathability.


    Wuka has made it easier for women to help the planet by cutting down on the amount of disposable sanitary products they use, without worrying about leaks. Although there are several brands that do this, Wuka period pants are some of the most comfortable available for women wanting to make the most of life, and not let periods get in the way. Most women forget they’re wearing them because the pants look and feel as stylish as any other lingerie.


    Spanx is another shapewear lingerie brand for helping women feel confident in their own bodies. Although they promote the idea that all women are beautiful, most of us have had that moment of finding the perfect outfit for a special occasion, only to feel uncomfortable wearing it. This is where Spanx can give us that extra confidence we need at the moment. So, it’s a popular lingerie item for many women.

    Lingerie can make all the difference to how confident women feel during the day, despite the fact that is rarely unseen. So, it makes sense to get the brand that ticks all the boxes for you.

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