The Most Important Guy You Never Head Of – Interview With Gary Illyess from Google

    I’ve been hounding this guest for months as he is with the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst

    Let me start off by saying that my interview with Gary lasted over 45 minutes as I encourage to listen to the entire podcast.  Of course he offers insight on how to reach the top of Google, but Gary is a lot more than a Googler.  He is also serving to assist the environment and protect various eco systems across the world.  I admire him because he is truly living out his dream.

    Gary shares why link building isn’t everything, why social media really doesn’t matter to google search and why he no longer uses Twitter.

    Take a listen to the man who is truly living out his dream:

    Feel free to like, share and comment as Gary is truly a special guy as he was more than generous with his time (calling in from India).


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