The Man Behind the Method: The Breakthrough MRR™ Methodology That’s Sweeping the Entrepreneurial World

    Keeping a business’ financial stability is tough. For most businesses, when the month is over, it’s almost like starting from scratch, all over again. 

    That’s why even a basic understanding of the concept of monthly recurring revenue is vital to give you insights on what to expect… and to better sail through the bad weather.

    Eric Balance understands the concept of wealth and health. His attempt to gain full nirvana for himself and his business as an entrepreneur has always been his inner drive. He explored options to develop a long-lasting method for scaling the conscious visionary-led business, a move that led him to unravel the secret behind the now-famous MRR methodology. 

    Little Known Facts About Eric Balance

    Eric Balance is the founder and CEO of Eric Balance Holdings, a venture that helps other entrepreneurs develop “business nirvana” while gaining a complete work-life balance. For a couple of years, Eric has worked hard to establish himself as a conscious cash flow consultant for entrepreneurs aspiring to become unstoppable, leave a legacy, and build a name for themselves and their businesses. 

    Eric’s strong accounting background came from him landing a slot in the accounting degree program at MacEvans University. The exposure pushed him to lead the accounting club, speaking on stage, and spearheading a job-hunting event called “Meet the Firm.” The knowledge and exposure equipped him with various skills that led him to understand how business numbers work and how best to capture the information behind the numbers. 

    After several attempts to secure white-collar jobs, Eric felt the need to find his niche and maximize his full potential to regain financial and physical liberation finally. He began by pursuing bodybuilding and eventually won various contests, including the most prominent ones, #1 Bodybuilder: #1 in Northern Alberta for Regional, and #3 Bodybuilder for Provincial (Canada). 

    Having established a strong base, Eric set his eyes on the bigger picture, which included transforming his love for health and fitness to become a resource funnel for his business coaching, what he later named Balance Bodies. Starting from the ground as a single fitness coach, Eric persevered through becoming a group coach and eventually building an automated membership program using his knowledge and exposure to experiment with a blend between technology and online marketing. 

    Eric has now set his focus on helping other entrepreneurs overcome their hardships and establish sustainable business ventures. He aims to ensure an all-rounded package for all his clients through his vast knowledge both in numbers and a consultative marketing approach. Eric not only aims to make a living from his business but to also create a complete social impact on the rest of the world. He believes in the concept of network and bonding to achieve more in the world. Eric advises on building a mental resilience approach and having an open mind to tap into various unique opportunities.


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