The Fundamentals Of CO2 Extraction

    In an industry where the focus is to produce products that deem safe and natural for public consumption, it would only make sense that the method of extraction would be natural as in CO2. Because there is no regulation, however, anyone can cultivate and distribute. 

    This allows companies of a lower standard who are more concerned with saving expenses than producing quality. These businesses will use chemically-laden solvents for extraction processes, including lighter fluids like butane.

    Not only do these solvents subject consumers to potentially harsh ingestion of chemicals, but it also deprives them of some terpenes in the process. 

    Advantages Of CO2 Extraction

    The recommendation is that consumers research and purchase products that have gone through what is CO2 extraction. The process deems the ‘green’ version of taking the cannabinoids from the cannabis or hemp plants. 

    Because it uses carbon dioxide to remove the terpenes, cannabinoids, and vital waxes, it’s considered the cleanest, healthiest manner of removal producing an all-over natural product. Other benefits:

    • You don’t have to worry that the materials are flammable or toxic.
    • The strength of the solvation can be tweaked by adjusting the density of the liquid.
    • There are critical constants of a moderate level to the process.
    • There are large quantities of CO2 in its purest form, but it leaves little residue as compared to other chemically-laden solvents.
    • Due to its near ambient temperature, this natural solvent is perfect for those materials deemed temperature-sensitive.

    A cannabis plant comprises 110+ cannabinoids that have been identified and flavonoids/terpenes in the hundreds for which this extraction technique has the capacity to pull dozens of each.

    The claims of experts reveal that marijuana and hemp offer benefits conducive to the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids despite the array of benefits touted for CBD and THC.

    Cannabigerol or CBG and cannabinol (CBN), though not as prevalent as the more widely recognized CBD and THC, both offer their own potential health benefits, including possible neuroprotectants for CBG and pain relief with CBN.

    As far as terpenes, some are touted to reverse memory loss consistent with THC – alpha-pinene. While others, myrcene, can potentially decrease blood/brain barrier resistance, allowing more straightforward passing of the beneficial chemical throughout the body.

    The suggestion is that these terpenes and cannabinoids can provide more significant benefits together than isolated where CBD and THC have used as an isolate, but full-spectrum is best. To learn more about this natural method go to .

    What Is ‘Supercritical’ Extraction?

    Supercritical is considered to be the highest level of extraction in the industry for which carbon dioxide is the most reliable. It uses CO2 as the common fluid and supercritical fluids for the process and, on occasion, has modifications with ethanol or methanol.

    In this state, the gas becomes a fluid form taking place above the crucial temperature, which comes in at approximately 89.78 Fahrenheit (ca. 32 °C) and pressure of 1,070 lbs. per square inch. 

    This process leaves quite a thick substance that is reminiscent of ‘peanut butter due to larger molecules extracted at the described temperature and pressure. The ‘winterization’ takes the elements out, leaving only cannabinoid oil

    Final Word

    When researching as to which products are better for your particular needs, it’s essential to remain patient and spend more money on those that have gone through supercritical CO2 extraction. The better quality brands will be more likely to use the natural method for removal as opposed to the chemical techniques. Read for tips on using the carbon dioxide technique. 

    When indulging in cannabis oils and hemp oils, the idea is to employ what boasts natural, safe alternatives into your regimen. Companies who engage in ‘cutting corners’ won’t be as concerned with organic methods but likely involve chemically-laden solutions.

    If you use those that have been subjected to chemical solvents, there is a risk for a residue which defeats the purpose of an all-natural substance. It also adds more of a potential for adverse reactions.

    It’s best if you take the time to consult with your doctor before you indulge in any product. The physician can assist you in ensuring that the substance will not interact with anything you’re currently taking or interfere with existing conditions. Safety is always a priority for your health.


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