5 Best Male Sex Toys on the Market


    In the past decade or so, the sex toy market has expanded dramatically. New and innovative toys have appeared, making the available options extremely varied and interesting. 

    Though most people associate sex toys with women and think they are catered to them only, the male sex toy market is just as developed. We will go over the five most popular male sex toys below and explain how they can help elevate your sex life to unimaginable heights. 

    1. Cock Rings

    The first male sex toy we will cover is one that most people are familiar with. You have probably heard of cock rings, and you have perhaps even used them. 

    These toys are shaped like rings (hence the name), which go around your penis, usually at the base. The primary purpose of the ring is to restrict the blood flow from your penis, giving you a more powerful and longer-lasting erection. 

    However, cock rings have evolved from this original use, with many companies coming up with some innovative additions. For example, some rings can heat up and vibrate, bringing you even more pleasure and helping you delay your orgasm. Others can go around your testicles as well, providing additional sensations.

    Of course, some people also love wearing cock rings for aesthetic purposes, as they can come in a wide range of styles. Whatever the reason for wearing and using them, everyone agrees that these toys can help make their sexual experience miles better. 

    2. Vibrators

    Most people believe that vibrators are made strictly for women. However, their use points to the fact that anyone can enjoy them. 

    They work quite simply: they contain an electronic device that pulsates and throbs. When this part of the vibrator, usually the tip, is pressed to an erogenous zone, it causes intense pleasure. 

    You can use a vibrator by yourself or with a partner. Either way, you or your partner can stimulate your penis, anus, or testicles to achieve a powerful orgasm. Many vibrators also have different speed and power options, and you can play with these to see which ones you love best. 

    Some vibrators have motors so powerful that they might even cause pain when used. You can avoid such models if you don’t like that or enjoy them if you do. The vital thing is that you relax and open yourself up to trying various styles and games. We promise you — you’ll enjoy it immensely. 

    3. Pocket Pussies

    Pocket or fake pussies are sex toys that can get you off faster and better than your hands ever could. All that you need to know about these toys is in their name already: they are pocket-like toys that resemble a vagina. 

    Toys like this aren’t a novelty, as people have been trying to emulate the female sex organ for a long time. However, technology has advanced so far that, today, we have toys that are hyper-realistic. 

    Manufacturers work with scientists and female models in order to make these toys. They also use layered materials that resemble the feel of a vagina. Most pocket pussies can also warm up or vibrate, making the whole experience even more enjoyable and authentic. 

    Most people enjoy these toys by themselves. However, you can also use them to spice up your sex life with your partner. 

    4. Blowjob Machines

    Blowjob machines are pretty similar to pocket pussies. However, while pocket pussies specifically resemble a vagina, blowjob machines can come in various shapes and styles. 

    For example, the most popular blowjob machines resemble the mouth or the anus. They are made using special materials and layering techniques that ensure the experience is entirely similar to the real thing. With these, you can simulate oral or anal sex effortlessly and have the time of your life by yourself or with your partner.

    Most blowjob machines have rings inside of them that can massage your penis at different speeds and using different strengths. You can play with the speeds and adjust the power to your preferences. 

    Some machines are so modern you don’t even need to use your hands while enjoying them. These have a feature that enables them to move on their own as they stroke you, allowing you to lie back and enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

    5. Anal Beads

    Though the stigma around anal pleasure is still around for many men, it is a fact that anal stimulation is the fastest way to a mind-blowing orgasm. The reason behind this is simple: the male G spot is located on the prostate. The prostate is a little organ found internally between the base of the penis and the rectum. 

    If you stimulate the prostate, you can have an orgasm much stronger than one achieved by stimulating your penis. And that is where anal beads come in. 

    These toys consist of beads of varying sizes joined together to form a chain-like structure. At its end, there is a loop that you can use to insert the beads into the anus or pull them out of it. 

    Anal beads are most effective when you (or your partner) insert them into your anus and then slowly pull them out, one by one. By doing so, you stimulate both your prostate and your anus repeatedly, which results in an explosive orgasm. 

    The beads are perfect for those who are just starting to explore anal toys, as they will let you get used to the new sensations slowly. We suggest trying them out with a partner, as that can only take the pleasure to a whole new level. After that, you may try out some other options, such as butt plugs and prostate massagers. 

    Final Thoughts 

    As you have read, the male sex toy market is filled with new and exciting toys just waiting to be discovered. These toys, including vibrators, blowjob machines, male masturbators and anal beads, can help elevate your sex life to new heights you didn’t know were possible. You can use them by yourself or with a partner and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

    Of course, there are many more options on the market that did not make our list. So, explore even further, and find those that will make your wildest dreams come true. 


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