The Caitlyn Jenner Costume is Causing an Outrage

    The outrage on social media about this insensitive costume is showing that we have a world of caring people—others are saying it might be a bit cynical. While damage control junkies are saying with all of the money Caitlyn Jenner has, she could have pulled a Taylor Swift and trademarked “Call Me Caitlyn.”

    Would this have been smart PR damage control? Yes. She would have the last laugh suing these fools for making a costume from her likeness and using her trademarked term.

    If you believe in mythical creatures then you would not have seen this costume coming. After all, doesn’t anyone remember the cruel Kim K costume with a champagne glass on her inflatable bum?

    Does Kim K really care? No, she is flattered by the attention. Both men and women will be wearing it. It just continues to trend and create headlines, making her more famous and generating more money.

    Anything a public figure or celebrity does takes off if it’s out of the ordinary. You might see a Marco Rubio mask with a tongue sticking out, equipped with a water bottle packed into a cheesy, sleazy suit, or better yet, a Lenny Kravitz “Oopsy” costume. Hopefully, they just wear a poster board with a blurred lines image on it instead of adding a hanging phallic symbol. That’s wishful thinking and chances are you will see crazy, outrageous, insensitive, and scary stuff this Halloween.

    If a very attractive female model was wearing the “Call Me Caitlin” costume, would people be as outraged?

    Regardless of who is wearing it, it’s still mean. It’s not simply attacking a character in a show, but also her persona.

    How will Caitlyn Jenner cash in on this and have the last laugh, you ask?

    Caitlyn Jenner’s show is probably going to get more views from the controversy this costume is generating because everyone is gawking to see what the reaction will be. A smart PR team would plug in more Caitlyn Jenner branding and make some serious gains off of this trending, yet insensitive topic. I say insensitive because it is over the top, especially since it is such a recent life transition. Regardless, Caitlyn Jenner looked glamorous on the cover of Vanity Fair and looks better than most women in a corset (including myself).

    After Mean Girls came out there were several guys who dressed like Regina George and Playboy Bunnies. For centuries men and women have been cross-dressing for costume parties. It’s not bigotry, it’s just spontaneous. The clear difference is that these costumes are not making fun of a specific person’s persona. In the end, people will be people and do what they want. They will transform into what they believe is clever—even if it bruises a few victims.

    In the end, Caitlin Jenner will ultimately be profiting off of these attention seekers. Chances are with a solid petition and a firestorm, this costume will not be sold. Any press, even if it’s negative, continues to bring fortunes to her growing independent empire.



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