The Best Tips To Help You Sell Transformers and Other Vintage Toys

    The time has come to put away childish things finally. Yes, you are sad to see them go, but they have been sitting in your garage collecting dust for years now, and you are ready to purchase another big-ticket item. So what is the best way to sell Transformers? The following tips will give you a clear idea of what is needed to transform your vintage treasures into modern money. 

    Know What You Are Dealing With

    To you, your collection is, of course, priceless, and you have spent many nights agonizing over if you should sell or not. After all, you did make a pact with your friend in elementary school to get the collection and never let it go, regardless of its monetary value. However, unfortunately, each transformer has its price, and knowing that number is the first step towards getting the most value out of your collection. 

    Extra Tip: Pay close attention to the make and model, and never use an auction site to determine your toy’s value. Always seek out a professional collector, be it in person or online.  

    Clean, Repair, Replace

    The condition of your transformers collection is a huge factor in how much it is worth. You should also take into consideration the age of your items and if they are in the original packaging. If a toy is slightly scuffed up or missing any parts, you may want to look into finding replacement parts or fixing the item before attempting to sell. Besides, take special care and time to clean each crack and crevis of your collection to fetch the best price. 

    A Picture Says 1,000 Words

    Lastly, one of the most essential parts of the selling process is knowing how to make your transformers look irresistible. Just one out of two half-blurred pictures won’t do. Try and take as many angles as you can so you can capture the condition of each piece along with all included accessories. If you aren’t great with a camera, you can try researching the best frames and lighting to use. The more detailed the pictures, the higher the chances of you attracting fanatics that will pay the most for your Transformers.  

    Where To Sell You Items

    Finally, you have your entire collection ready to sell Transformers. The question becomes, how do you attract the right buyers that are willing to pay top dollars for your items. The first option you make think of is via online auction sites like eBay. However, with so many different sellers and collections going live every day, the competition can become pretty cutthroat. Your items may get lost in the sea of collectible toys, where the individuals wishing to buy would never even lay eyes on your products. You could attempt to walk into a consignment shop or vintage toy store. Still, you risk getting low-balled or pressured into selling for the least amount possible. So what other options do you have? Especially if you have a large number of vintage toys, it is best to find someone who wants exactly what you are selling. 

    If you are at a loss of where to start, it could benefit you to look into a company like Wheel Jack’s Lab that can help you make the most of your life long collection.  


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