The Best Things to Put in Your New Build for Energy Efficient Living

    Energy prices are constantly on the rise and it can be difficult to come up with ways to combat them. Luckily, there are many different products out there which are being used to make homes more energy efficient for consumers. Whether you are building an entirely new property from the ground up or you are looking for some tips and tricks to make your current house look better, there is plenty you can learn, whether you are choosing an alternative heating method or choosing from a range of amazing floors like the ones on offer here –

    Air Source Heat Pump

    Air source heat pumps are one of the best heating systems you can choose for a home where energy saving is key. The system allows heat in the air in and outside the home to change as needed. Heat from outside is drawn into the house in temperatures as low as -150C and can be converted for use in radiators, hot water tanks, and more. This is one way for you to cut your energy bills and work towards low home carbon emissions; two factors many people look for when they are thinking about moving towards a green home. 


    Insulation stops the heat in your home from getting out. No matter where you happen to live, plenty of insulation is never going to go amiss. You can pack the walls with it, make sure you have plenty in your loft, and even place a layer between your floors to stop as much heat as possible from escaping. This is one of the most often neglected areas when people are planning to make their homes eco-friendlier. If you are thinking of taking a move in this direction, you should definitely consider looking into your property’s insulation before making a move to buy some big-ticket energy-savers. 

    Solar Panels

    They might be an investment to put in, but solar panels can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. You can now buy ones which heat water and ones which provide electricity so you are able to contribute to some of the biggest resource drains you might face when planning a home. The best thing about solar panels is that you don’t even need a sunny day for them to collect energy. Whereas a wind turbine needs a wind of a certain speed before it starts to generate energy, solar panels will still produce something even on very cloudy days. 

    Laminate Floor

    Your commitment to energy efficient living might even extend as far as a choice of wood floors. Carpet is an insulator but wood is a conductor so it allows any heat in the home to circulate easily. This means that the heat will flow more naturally from rooms with a heat source like a stove and will help you heat your home more efficiently and for longer. You can find a great range of laminate flooring here –

    Laminate flooring is a brilliant affordable option which many choose since it is one of the easy flooring options you can place underfloor heating beneath. With the combination of laminate flooring and an air source heat pump, you need not even worry about the expense of running the underfloor heating as it might be taken care of by the other sources.

    Smart Lighting

    Nowadays, there are plenty of smart home technologies which you can make use of when trying to pull together a more energy efficient house. They can be as simple as a smart meter so you can monitor how much energy you are using each and every day to something more advanced.

    Believe it or not, you can control nearly everything nowadays from your smartphone. There is a wide range of light bulbs out there which can be synced to your phone through the use of an app. This means that you will be able to check to see if all the lights will be off in the home when you need them to be; something which might prove crucial if you have family who has a habit of leaving every single light in the home switched on when they are out. 

    Smart Heating

    On top of the lighting, there are also many products which now allow you to take control of your heating with greater detail. Why limit your control to the lights when you can also use an app to see which rooms are not the right temperature? There are many different systems out there which allow you to finesse the control of your home’s temperature. 

    Some homes only have the one thermostat which means that if you want to raise the temperature in the living room, the overall temperature of the home needs to be raised. This is not the most efficient and it can cause a lot of issues. Instead, you should think about installing a smart home system. This will allow you to divide your home into different zones and control the temperatures of each one. This is obviously far more energy efficient than if you simply allowed your home to heat up and cool as you require from room to room. It might be one of the pricier options on this list but you will reap the benefits. 

    The Perfect Eco-Friendly House Awaits

    There is no denying it, eco-friendly living is the way forward. Whether you are looking at ensuring that your new build has everything you could possibly hope for to keep your new property as eco-friendly as possible or you are just looking for small upgrades to your home, there is plenty you are able to do. 

    It is clear that rising fuel bills mean that we are going to have to start searching for our own sources of power and ways to efficiently use what we already have. The items on this list are a great way to get started. Choose one of them today to start making an impact on your home. 


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