The Best Technology for Your Bricks and Mortar Store

    So many of us spend a lot on the technology of our online stores, but when it comes to our bricks and mortar, physical stores, technology gets forgotten about a little, and we can get a little stagnant. There are so many benefits to going into a physical store over just browsing online, but at the same time, it’s important that you don’t get left behind using old technology just because that’s what you’re used to. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. 

    Till terminals 

    One place to start would be to learn more about smart terminals. Instead of just sticking to an old-fashioned till system, a smart terminal is a lot more portable and therefore opens you up to more options. For example, if your till is getting pretty crowded with a long line, you can set up a temporary station using just the portable terminal. You can also use it at fairs and farmers’ markets, or to take payment on delivery if that is something you are able to offer your customers. Giving your customers several payment options will make them more likely to buy from you, and the easier you make it, the better.  

    Security cameras

    Security cameras have come a long way and you no longer need analog cameras that record to tape! You can get really high-tech cameras that connect to an app, or your phone, and shoot in great quality, which is great if you ever need to identity anybody. You might be surprised at how cheap they can be bought for. 

    A store app

    Depending on what you sell, you might want to work with an app developer to see if you could create an app. There are so many different uses for a smartphone app for a store. For example, you might allow people to order items from the app and pick them up at the store, or perhaps you could use it as a loyalty card, where customers earn points every time they spend money in-store and this can be used to exchange for discounts in the future. 

    Augmented Reality

    This might not be something that is widespread right now, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye out for, as it is predicted to become the next big thing in stores! Whether you use it to create a virtual fitting room, gamification as a way to engage with products, or simply as a way of creating more unique marketing and advertising, it won’t be long until this becomes mainstream! 

    Constantly moving with new technology and being open to different ideas and concepts is a great way to ensure that your business is always fresh. That’s not to say you have to adopt every single brand new technology that comes out, but having an open mind and being able to imagine how certain advances can improve your sales, is a really important thing to think about. 

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