The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In 2020: Reasons Why You Need To Choose Shawn Henry’s Efficient Home Services

    Would you like to save money, enjoy a range of energy cost-saving solutions, and have peace of mind? Efficient Home Services has you covered. The sunshine state is currently experiencing a boom in solar panels installations as more homeowners become aware of the benefits that Shawn Henry’s solar panels offer. The good news is that these solar panels are now more available and affordable than ever before! 

    Shawn Henry is the founder and owner of Efficient Home Services – a Florida based company with a mission to help homeowners achieve energy efficiency within their homes. Shawn and his company help residents maximize their savings by avoiding the once unavoidable –  high electricity costs. The energy champion has scaled up his company to be the #1 energy company on the Inc 5000 and an icon amongst Florida solar companies.

    Why Choose Efficient Home Services?

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    There is no better place to get guaranteed satisfaction other than Efficient Home Services. Shawns team of experts will track your energy bills for a whole year after installing their upgrades to ensure that you are saving the amount of money that you were promised. Efficient Home Services offers first-class service and support and has hundreds of 5-star reviews across multiple platforms.

    • Get a Free Energy Evaluation

    Efficient Home Services offers completely free energy evaluations. This evaluation of your home by one of Shawn’s energy experts will help you gain a better knowledge of your home’s inefficiencies. They will be able to examine your home and pinpoint areas that are negatively affecting your energy bills. These areas may include attic insulation, thermostat, vents, windows, doors, water heater, HVAC units, ductwork, outlets, or even breaker panels. 

    • Reduce the Cost of Heating and Cooling with Thermal Foam

    Attic insulation will help keep indoor temperatures cool, especially when the scorching summer bites or when temperatures drop. Proper insulation offers significant savings to your energy bill. Feeling the heat of the constant rising energy costs? Contact Efficient Home Services for a resolution.

    Model Your Future With Solar Energy

    Solar energy is far cheaper than regular electricity from the grid alone. Shawn’s solar services will continue to be accessible as long as the sun continues to shine. Solar panels provided by Efficient Home Services are among the top-rated in quality and reliability for harnessing this incredible energy source directly into your home. Unlike other energy sources, solar energy will never run out. According to scientists, the sun will continue to shine for at least 5 billion years to come – seems like a pretty reliable source!

    Therefore, for those thinking of designing their homes, energy efficiency is a  significant factor to consider. With Efficient Home Services, your electricity bills will drop to almost zero! These solar panels will generate enough energy for you to meet your needs which in turn saves you a considerable amount of money on your bill and allow you clear and concise energy costs for years to come. An added bonus? Not only will you be saving on your electricity bill, but you also have a possibility of receiving payments for the surplus energy that you export back to the grid. 

    According to research, solar energy generates billions of dollars and offers jobs to more than 240,000 individuals in the US alone. The US is producing about 1.5% of its electricity, even as solar usage continues to increase.

    Become Part of The Fastest Growing Energy Company In Florida

    Today, Efficient Home Services is shaking up the energy industry. Shawn’s company is making a whopping $40 million in revenue, with an estimated growth of 2200%. Apart from being the #1 energy company on the Inc 5000, the company has also grown from $400k per month to over $1.5 million. Shawn’s company has also been featured on major publications such as MarketWatch, Buzzfeed, Fox, CBS, and NBC. 

    But what has helped Shawn achieve such heights in the energy industry?

    1. Working with experts -Shawn will only hire installers with a proven track record of success and knowledge to back it. Efficient Home Services install team is nicknamed #TheElite for their superior attention to detail and incredible installation skills.
    2. Laying a solid foundation of TRUST – there is a reason why Shawn has decided to provide his customers with an exclusive satisfaction guarantee, homeowners can rest assured that they will be properly taken care of during their switch to clean energy.
    3. Building good relationships with distributors and lenders. 
    4. Creating a unique business model – Shawn and his team have perfected the art of home energy evaluations and solar installation. Thousands of systems installed. Thousands of 5-star reviews. 
    5. Patience– Good things happen to those who wait. The success journey for Shawn has been long, but it is a true definition of perseverance. He has persevered through many life trials, including risking a decade prison sentence as a troubled teen. It took receiving a second chance in life for Shawn to realize his true passion and purpose.
    6. Persistence – Back when Shawn first started EHS, he would meet early in the morning with his team to plan the day. They would then spend hours knocking on every door to inform local homeowners about the advantages of making the switch to solar. His target was to get solar information to as many homes as possible and show people the simplicity of owning solar energy. Today Efficient Home Services continues to thrive because of Shawn’s persistence and the way he leads his team.
    7. Hard Work– Before owning his company, Shawn had worked in various places without success. He had a difficult time sustaining jobs that he wasn’t passionate about. Nonetheless, Shawn continued to work hard to achieve his dreams.

    Get started today with Efficient Home Services and experience a difference in your energy budget!

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