The Best Beaches To Visit If You Don’t Live By The Shore

    There is nothing more relaxing than a cold drink, a hot sun, and the beach. It’s as if the shore has some magical power that melts all of your stresses and fears away.

    There’s more to a great beach than the color of the sand. Summertime is a time for you to go from beach to bar to dinner to nightlife. Having options around your beach is just as important as the beach itself.

    You’re looking for the whole package, and we’ve come across a few spots that have everything a beach bum has ever dreamt of.

    From East Coast to West Coast, here are the beach hot spots you have to check out this summer!

    Miami Beach, Florida

    Miami will make you feel like a celebrity. Its beautiful shore is lined with 5-star hotels and on beach dining services that will make you feel so relaxed you’ll never want to leave. Once you’ve gotten that golden look, you can venture out to the main strip lined with palm trees and enough restaurants to not cook for a month. Beach Bars and nightlife in Miami go until the early hours of the morning, so make you get some beauty rest while you’re sunbathing.

    miami beach


    Galveston Beach, Texas

    When you think Texas, you may not think tropical paradise at first, but you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised. Galveston Island Beach, in Galveston Texas, is the perfect blend of Southern Hospitality and Island Partying. The ombre shoreline is only steps away from boardwalk amusements and Texas Homestyle Happy Hour. Drift away to the sounds of the Gulf Shore and let the Deep South show you how summer is done.



    Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

    If you’re looking for a little less party and a little more ‘love’, the beach of Cape Cod are perfect for a romantic getaway. With Light pink sunsets and tall grass lining the beach back, you’ll feel as if you’ve drifted away and ended up in a Nicholas Sparks book. Cape Cod is the perfect beach town to jump on your beach cruiser and find the best lobster and the most breathtaking lighthouses. Stuffing your face with lobster on the beach, now that’s how you spell romance.

    cape cod


    Santa Monica Beach, California

    Sunsets have never looked better. Santa Monica Beach draws people from all over the world to get a taste of what California Living is all about. Filled with surfers, boogie-boarders and sun goddess, Santa Monica with check every box on your beach bum wish list. Whether it’s early morning yoga or late night bonfires, Santa Monica will leave you with that California Smile.

    Santa Monica

    Asbury Park Beach, New Jersey

    Diamond in the rough, no more. Asbury park has become a gem of the Jersey Shore. Surrounded by music, history and food for whatever craving you may be having, you will finally understand what life on the Jersey Shore is really about. Asbury Park Beach continues for miles leading you into the towns of Bradley Breach, Avon and Belmar, so it’s a fact that you’ll never run out of things to do. Let the history of Asbury take you away as you enjoy Rum Buckets at Convention Hall’s beach bar which will run you from the boardwalk all the way out to the cool Atlantic.



    Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Journey about two hours south of the Jersey Shore and end up in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. Perfect for singles and family fun, this is THE spot in Delaware. Each year, this shoreline fills up locals and tourists in search of a new place to lay their summer roots down. Known for it’s Big Red DOLLE’S salt water taffy sign and the best taffy on the east, there’s something sweet about Rehoboth that will keep you coming back.



    Sun Screen? Check. 

    Beach chair? Check. 

    BEST SUMMER EVER? Let’s go!


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