The Benefits Of All-Natural Skincare

    All-natural products and ones with organic ingredients are continuing their takeover of the beauty industry. People are increasingly demanding to know the bare truth about what they’re eating as well as what they’re putting on their skin.

    Cleansers, moisturizers, make-up, and hair care products that are authentically made with ingredients from nature instead of synthetic chemicals and toxins are high quality, work well, use transparency in their ingredients and processes, and are produced by value aligned businesses. Plus, many use time-honoured traditions and methods relied on for centuries.

    All-natural skincare products are first and foremost appreciated for their mostly* transparent ingredients lists. Components are derived from sources like fruits, vegetables, oils, seeds, and other plant matter. These contain vitamins and other nutrients that are good for our bodies and come from our own ecosystem.

    (*One notable area where the ingredients are not usually spelled-out clearly is with animal derivatives. Not every natural product is vegan; so, it’s important to watch out for these on the label. PETA provides a helpful list of these code words here.)

    Synthetic products often feature long lists of chemicals and plastics that can be harmful for your health and for the environment once washed down the drain. With others, the effects are simply unknown, because they haven’t been in our environment long enough for us to know. As opposed to herbal remedies and treatments with long histories of use.

    All-natural products are high quality. They’re crafted by companies who pay close attention to ingredients and their traditions of use. They’re also held to a high standard, e.g. certified organic products undergo a rigorous process to gain this official designation.

    It makes sense to treat delicate skin conditions like acne and premature signs of aging without the use of harsh chemicals that can aggravate skin. And when it comes to a product that touches your lips and mouth, a safe, top quality product like lip balms by Grown Alchemist are important because you’re technically consuming some of it. Plus, products that absorb into the skin should be as safe and natural as possible to prevent corruption.

    There is also a pleasant synergy that makes sense when treating the harmful effects of pollution and other man-made made chemicals on our skin and bodies using nature’s remedies.

    It’s also important to support value-aligned businesses who put great craftand care into making eco-friendly products that are good for consumers and the earth. Many large corporate entities use cheap ingredients, pass the bare minimum of testing, spend a lot on expensive marketing campaigns, and mark up the prices to seem high-end. Whereas smaller businesses selling ethical products with pure ingredients may have to charge a bit more, but it’s definitely worth it.

    It’s also good to note that not all all-natural products are the pricier choice. Organic certification and maintaining the necessary facilities and standards for resources does cost companies more, however. So, sometimes that is worked into the cost. The quality and safety levels more than make up for the slight difference.

    What you choose to put on your skin and in your body is your choice. When you choose all-natural you’re getting an honest, high quality, monitored product that you can feel confident using. And the results on your skin will be clear.


    • Joselin Estevez

      Social Media Director

      Social Media Director at X Factor Media

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