The Benefits of a Laser Liposuction

    The innovative technology behind a fat removal device seems almost surreal. To top that off, some people categorize the technology into “quick fixes”. As a result, they may not fully see how beneficial the treatments are.

    As the laser treatments behind fat removal devices increases, more people are seeing the results and coming to terms with its high efficiency. Therefore, in the following guidelines, you will learn more about the technology of fat removal to educate you on its process and facts.

    There are many factors that come into play when discussing a laser treatment behind liposuction. For example, what it is, what it can do, how does it affect living after treatment, and what is entailed with the procedure. Here are a few facts about SmartLipo that you may not know of.

    What is SmartLipo?

    SmartLipo is a laser treatment available for those who are looking for a modern way to lose weight. The treatment uses a technology that uses a laser device mixed with conventional methods of liposuction. Because it uses an energy wavelength laser, it is safer and more precise.

    It essentially dissolves areas of fat and pushes it to an area where it can be sucked out. Overall, because it is laser technology, it involves less stress and trauma to each client. Specialists don’t only use this treatment to help reduce weight but also to help a client’s skin tighten up. The SmartLipo treatment is a gentle procedure, to help each client get desired results with little to no trauma of the body.


    Almost all procedures of liposuction have to have anesthesia. However, when considering the SmartLipo method, the anesthesia is used only in the target areas to help numb locations that are being worked on. Sometimes a client can request to have sedation for additional comfort, however, it is not always needed.

    Incision Locations:

    The target area will get a small incision in the suction part of the treatment. This makes the treatment safer and body contouring can take place.


    Because this is an innovative laser device treatment, it cuts down the recovery time tremendously. The average time frame of recovery is around two weeks, compared to the usual four to six with surgical liposuction. In fact, because the treatment is so effective, clients can return to work the day after the treatment takes place, as long as they do no strenuous physical activities. Because of the lasers, the treatments will have less bruising and swelling, and the results of the treatments are immediate.

    Life After Treatment:

    Since the recovery time is minimal, then getting back to living a normal life is faster. You can return to your daily routine in a short time. SmartLipo will fashion your body to what you want it to be. However, before going into the treatment, have an honest expectation of your results. A good way to get an idea of expected results, consult with your doctor, as they should give you an honest opinion.

    Laser Treatment and Fat Removal

    Laser treatments are more than effective, they are prepared for most clients. Clients have the ability to return to work immediately, there is less damage and trauma done through the procedure, and the results are immediate. In addition, because the technology is so effective, it allows clients to see the amplification of fat removal. SmartLipo has the ability to melt down fat and remove it more efficiently than traditional methods. It is recommended that healthy adults who are stationed in life with a consistent body weight consider this type of treatment because it can help those areas that are hard to lose with regular exercise and diet. Others that have completed this treatment as those whose skin is not so young anymore, because it helps to tighten the skin up in a faster and more convenient time frame.

    Rubinstein: A SmartLipo Specialist

    As the technology behind laser treatments becomes more popular, there are many doctors that upgrade their practices to include modern techniques. However, when you are first starting to look for the right doctor for your treatments, you must consider the following: Experience, Location, Business Ethics, licenses, and Client Ratings & Reviews.

    A fantastic surgeon who can give you honest feedback and direction is also ideal. A good example of the ideal surgeon would be Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein, located in Hudson Valley, NY. All the experience and proper requirements that are needed to perform laser treatments, Dr. Rubinstein has. Not only that, his clients rate him highly on his laser lipo treatments.

    Dr. Rubinstein has been practicing reconstructive treatments for many years and has a long history of experience that he is not afraid to share. In addition, he cares about each of his clients, and only wants what is best for them now and in their future. Each treatment he takes on he is blunt and honest and will give you his insights on the results and the procedures. Visit his website for more information on his SmartLipo treatment in Hudson Valley, NY.


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