The 5 Commandments of Clear Skin

    Clear Skin

    Having clear and radiant skin is something that every woman wants. Sure, you are going to spend many days under makeup but the goal is to look good even without it. Think of your face as a canvas that needs to be clean so that it looks good on its own, and even better with some makeup on. Not every woman knows how to take proper care of her skin, so if you need any help, the following recommendations with probably help you.

    Start by figuring out your skin type

    Not paying too much attention to the needs of your skin leads to using the wrong products that you choose by default. Maybe somebody recommended a good face cream, but it just doesn’t seem to do wonders for you. Well, the problem might be that you have a different skin type. There are 5 basic skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive, and you should choose the products you use accordingly. If you are not sure what your type is, then do a simple test. Once you step out of the shower look at your skin closely. If you notice that it is dry and it feels tight you probably have dry skin. If it becomes oily quickly after, you have oily skin, and if it shows no drastic symptoms, then you have normal skin. Sensitive skin is a special type that needs special care because it is characterized by dryness, redness and breakouts.

    Always take your makeup off before going to bed

    Take Off Your Makeup

    It is maybe unnecessary to say that you should take off your makeup before bed, but here we will stress the importance of it. During the day when you are wearing makeup, all the dirt and sweat from outside keep piling onto your skin. When it starts absorbing all the make-up, it also absorbs the layer that it has created. This leads to zits and breakouts, as well as irritation and redness. This is why you should wipe it all off your face and apply your normal night-time skincare routine. One product that will help you take off your makeup efficiently and thoroughly is Face Halo which is basically a cloth with special fibers that catch all the makeup without just smearing it all over your face. Other options are washing gels, makeup removers and micellar water.

    Have a spa day once in a while

    Spa Day

    A skincare routine is something that you can do at home in the morning and at night before bedtime. However, once a month, you should consider investing in a good facial treatment. Simple hygienic treatments where they cleanse your skin, extract blackheads and apply masks and creams are not pricy yet they will have a positive effect on your skin. By doing this once a month your skin will get the thorough care and nourishment it needs. If, however, you don’t feel like paying for those treatments, there is something similar you can do at home. Once a week, do a scrub facial with natural ingredients if possible. It will remove the dead cells from the surface of your skin. Then, apply a mask depending on the skin type that you have. It can be a clay mask or gel mask, whatever works best for you. To finish off, try a hydrating sheet mask that will leave your skin looking radiant and fresh. It is best to do this after a shower when your pores are open and your skin is clean.

    Special treatments for problematic skin

    If you have the bad luck of having acne, don’t feel hopeless because there are some very successful methods of getting rid of them. The best idea is to visit a dermatologist who can give you the best acne treatment that will work for you based on the underlying cause. Retinoid products, glycolic or salicylic acid or even antibiotics are a possible option. The key ingredients in these products will gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it oil-free and thus creating an environment where acne won’t appear that easily. Another positive effect is their pore-unclogging property which will stop inflammations in your pores. In some cases, birth control pills have shown a significant improvement in problematic skin.

    Take care of your skin from the inside as well

    Many might disregard the importance that a healthy lifestyle has on the skin. This includes a healthy diet, sufficient water intake, stress management, and sleep. Your skin will definitely suffer if you don’t watch what you eat. Like any other organ, the skin too feeds off from the vitamins and minerals you eat during the day. Foods rich in vitamin A will serve as an antioxidant, vitamin B is for hydration and proteins have an anti-inflammatory effect. Stress and not sleeping enough also affect your skin by making you look tired, dried out and older than you actually are. To sum up, try to eat clean, drink lots of water and get enough sleep and your skin will thank you.

    You don’t have to use expensive treatments to have beautiful, glowing skin. In many cases, a basic daily routine of following these steps will do the trick and for any bigger problem, professional help is always an option.



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