The 3rd Annual Brewfest at the Big Fresno Fair Kicks Off Soon!

    It’s that time of year again! The smell of corn dogs and turkey legs take over the town of Fresno as the carnival rides get set up to provide kids of all ages with a time to remember. That’s right, it’s time for the Big Fresno fair which has become well-known for its vast array of things to do and music to listen to.

    Craft beer has become highly popular among the Fresno community over the past several years. That’s why it’s no surprise that Brew Fest would be something that fairgoers would want to see happen once again. Seeing its third run, you can expect to see it again on October 5, 2019, inside the racetrack.

    What is the Big Fresno’s Fair Brew Fest all about?

    This is where the racetrack comes to life and craft brews from all around take over the scene. Over 30 breweries have come together to make the 2019 Brew Fest possible. Attendees can sample the various beers that each brewery has to offer.

    If you thought that was all there was to it then you underestimated this valley tradition. You can also wager on live horse races from private betting stations while competing with others in classic lawn games. Not to mention, there’ll be live music to enjoy as well.

    When you get hungry, there’s no need to fret! There will be numerous food trucks at this event at the Big Fresno Fair as well. This is what many would come to deem as the icing on the cake. Cold beer, good music, and good food. It’s every beer lover’s dream!

    Don’t miss one of the country’s best midways!

    The Big Fresno Fair is a long-standing tradition and Butler Amusements has helped make sure it’s something that provides fairgoers with the time of their life each time they roll into town. Over the years they’ve built up their midway to feature rides, games, and foods for every walk of life.

    Even though the Brew Fest is only one day, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only day you should take your family out to the fair. It’s got something great to do every day of the week. Not to mention, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a carnival ride.

    History buffs are sure to enjoy the Big Fresno Fair Museum.

    The Big Fresno Fair Museum highlights the previous years. It even has pieces of the fair from each year on display. For those who are passionate about history, this is something that they can’t pass by without disappointing themselves.

    Don’t forget to stay safe and embrace a comfy stay.

    After the Big Fresno Fair Brew Fest, make sure to embrace a safe way to where you’ll be staying for the night. Certain hotels in Fresno will provide a shuttle to and from the fair for their guests at no additional charge. You can also use the Fresno Area express transit system to get to the fairgrounds.

    Hyatt Place Fresno is a favorite among those coming into town for the fair. Not only will you be able to kickstart your day with a hearty breakfast, but you’ll also be able to embrace high-speed internet should you need to stay connected while traveling. Guest reviews have proven many times that this is a premier place to stay where the staff are some of the most personable in the industry.


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