Entering into a Settlement Following a Car Crash Injury

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    On average, 1.7 people die from car wrecks in Houston every day. Additionally, almost eight people sustained injuries from motor vehicle crashes in the city. This was the study by the Houston Chronicle, which was published in August 2018. 

    When you figured in a car crash, and it results in an injury or death, you must contact car accident lawyers in Houston right away. Houston, being covered by Texas laws, is an at-fault insurance city. This means you might get sued for property damage or death resulting from the wreck.

    Not many people know it, but they can get jailed if they try to evade their financial responsibilities following a car accident. They will pay $4,000 in penalties and may spend one year in jail. 

    Minimum Limits for Liability Insurance

    Being an at-fault insurance state, you are required by Texas law to purchase liability insurance. This insurance will serve as your protection in case of a car crash injury or property damage.  

    The liability insurance offered to you will have minimum limits, such as: 

    • $30,000 for each person injured
    • $25,000 for damage to property
    • $60,000 total for all the injuries sustained in each accident

    Take note, however, that the expenses may even exceed those amounts, depending on the gravity of the injuries. You may sue the other party in case you face a lifetime of medication and therapy or if you are forced to leave your job due to your injuries. 

    You need car accident lawyers in Houston to help you settle with the other party but also in making your insurance claim. The insurer is required to give you an answer within 15 days after receiving your claim application. It can either reject or accept your claim. If they agree to pay you, they must do so within five business days. If they decline, they must explain the reason.  

    You must have an attorney to follow-up on your claim. You should understand that your insurance company has its battery of highly paid lawyers. Their only task is to make sure they limit the claims payments.

    Entering into a Settlement with the Other Party

    Contacting car accident lawyers in Houston will guarantee your protection as you enter into a settlement with the other party. 

    In which case, you need evidence to support your claims. Among the evidence that will be logged on for record include:

    1. Statement of witnesses
    2. Photographs
    3. Police report

    Two types of negotiations involve a lot of knowledge about the law and what your rights are. Firstly, about the other party, and secondly regarding the insurance company. The other party might sue you on account of injury or death, but that shouldn’t deter you from continuing with the settlement process. 

    Whatever you do, never sign a release form when the other party asks you for one. The insurance company may also persuade you into signing a release form. Once you do so, they would no longer have any liability for the incident. You will only sign the release form on the advice of your lawyer, and only if you agree with the terms of the settlement.


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