Temporary Sessions: Permanent Solution; Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal belongs to some of the most popular and commonly done cosmetic procedures for unwanted hair. What started as a working solution to a problem gained widespread acceptance in no time. Originally used in 1960, lasers were wholeheartedly accepted because of its acute ability to create a really intense beam of light in a single wavelength. It gained a lot of power because of its ability to create a significant amount of energy in no time.

    Twenty years later, lasers were used for cosmetic purposes. An absolute experiment, it took experts to begin with just a handful of cells inside the hair follicles for the effects to resurface. With US FDA approval of the process, the technique spread like wildfire. There are several pros and cons to the usage of laser for hair removal. Let’s analyze the pros, to begin with

    Benefits of Laser hair removal

    • Lasers can be administered to practically any part of the body. This could range from legs, back, underarms as well as the bikini line.
    • The pain is a lot lesser than waxing. It could range anything between shaving to waxing.
    • Lasers don’t ensure that the affected area could be clean forever; what it does, in turn, is stunt the growth of hair to a minimalistic level.
    • In some cases, you can be free of hair completely

    What’s not so great.

    • It’s a terribly long process. While certain areas are smoothened rather quickly, there is a waiting period of 6-8 weeks before the next session.
    • Before the idea attracts you, beware that lengthy sessions could add up to your costs. 
    • Any untrained hand working with your skin with lasers can lead to burning skin and scars.
    • Often laser training is not a part of the medical school curriculum. For a doctor to be working on you, he/ she needs adequate training before administering his skills.

    It has been observed that light skin tones are the best to highlight the work done by a laser hair removal session. The skin pigment or melanin is targeted by lasers during the procedure, thereby reducing the appearance of hair on their skin. Although popular, laser hair removal is no considered a permanent solution. There are several reasons for this. Lasers target the hair follicles. On healing these follicles allow the growth of new hair. Several laser sessions are required for viewing decent results. 

    The effects though may also vary. For some patients, this may be seemingly permanent. It has been observed therefore that a lot of patients head for electrolysis for permanent results. Though permanent, electrolysis it may get very painful what with the introduction of super-fine needles within each hair follicle, with electric current killing each hair follicle. Laser, on the other hand, seems a better and less painful solution. Using high heat in a very milder form, the laser simply directs the heat and damage the hair follicles; in an almost painless manner.

    Laser hair removal is really getting rid of unwanted hair in the fastest possible manner. Weigh the risks before getting a laser hair removal; and this would also involve the credentials of the doctor, besides the time taken and the costs incurred. Go in for it only if you are perfectly in tandem with a 6-week result after the treatment, with avoidance of sun exposure.


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