Tayo Rockson on a Mission to Build Global Leaders

    New Theory podcast interviews rockstar Millennial Entrepreneur Tayo Rockson.

    Tayo Rockson came to the USA as a son of a Diplomat. You would think at first blush that would make life easier. But being an African Immigrant in the USA, even in New York City requires an adjustment period. He did what any good son does as he worked hard to educate himself for a career in the corporate world. Although he was successful academically, he knew that he wanted more. Along the way almost died in a horrific accident as this caused him to pivot, big time.

    He is the CEO of UYD Management as he is obsessed with making you better and knows he can. He’s staking his entire career on it as he is all in. New Theory named him one of the top 40 Millennial Entrepreneurs to follow.  We conducted the interview on New Year’s Day as this further illustrates his commitment to his (and to your) success.

    Listen in and you will see why:

    Check out Tayo here:  https://tayorockson.com/


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