Surprisingly Easy Home Enhancements Most People Never Consider Doing

    We all like to live in a nice home. So, most of us, spend quite a bit of time and money on doing ours up. Yet, there are a few enhancements a lot of us never consider. Here are a few of them along with why doing them is such a good idea.

    Putting up signs in our homes

    Signs are not something many homeowners think about much. That is why when you go to a website like ‘my door sign’, you will mostly find signage that is designed for use in business and commercial premises. This is understandable, after all, that is where the majority of the signs we come across are put up.

    However, most of the large sign retailers also stock some that are specifically designed for domestic use. No loiterers or cold caller signs are one example of this. Putting the sign up gives you the right to ring the police. The fact that they have rung your bell despite your using the sign to tell them not to enables the police to speak to them because of their suspicious behavior.

    Scammers and house breakers who use ringing your bell as an excuse to get in your home are put off by these kinds of signs. As they are when they see CCTV, beware of the dog or neighborhood watch signs. 

    Hazard signs can help to reduce the risk of someone having an accident in your home. Putting up a mind your head sign is a good example of this. So, if you have never considered using signs in your home, why not take a quick look around and think about whether you could benefit from doing so.

    Installing proper draft proofing

    Most homeowners have insulated their roof space. Yet many of them have still not draft proofed their home. This is quite surprising because as you can see from this how-to video it is extremely cheap and easy to do. Plus, your home will feel a lot more comfortable once you have got rid of all the drafts.

    Update your lighting

    When they redecorate some people change their light fixtures too. But very few of us think about changing the location of our lights or having more installed. Except maybe for when we have a new kitchen built. Then, it is not unusual for people to have under-cupboard or counter lighting installed. 

    Yet, changing your lighting can open up more possibilities for a room. It could, for example, enable you to transform a corner of one of your rooms into a snug or small workspace. Installing modern lighting systems gives you more control over how bright it is and enables you to light up only certain areas while leaving others bathed in a restful glow. 

    If you have never considered having your home’s lighting system updated, this article explains more about why it is such a good idea to do so. It also shows you 8 lighting tricks that are used by the world´s top designers.

    Updating your lighting also gives you the chance to make your home a little safer. For example, you could put up an entranceway light and enhance your pathway lighting.


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