Surprise Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Say I Do Private Ceremony Of Course

    Hollywood power couple and paparazzi royalty, actress Jennifer Aniston and actor Justin Theroux finally tied the knot after an extremely pro-longed engagement. Fans often wondered if this day would ever come. With everyone anxiously awaiting, headlines are currently swirling around the news confirming Aniston’s “Happy Ending?.

    After her split from Brad Pitt, a decade ago, the divorce was set to live on in Hollywood infamy. I mean the mass population has really never let it go. We’re just so sensitive. Nevertheless, tabloids constantly “pitt? (pun intended) Angelina and Jennifer against each other, as Aniston moved forward by hitting continuous speed bumps in dating on a new road to finding love.

    With all the “Fallen Golden Couple Breakups? recently announced, I know the rest of us are yearning for a picture perfect fairy-tale romance.

    But as I clicked from one article to the next, I began to notice a trend…

    Every title and every storyline declared and rejoiced in Hollywood “IT? girl’s love curse finally being lifted- her happy ending. “Happiness At Last?… #icant

    Excuse me? Pardon me? What did you just say? Happy ending? Hunny, let me tell you, this is not only the beginning- but Jennifer Aniston has never needed a ring, court documents or the public’s approval to determine her happiness.

    She has been a class act from start to…well, she ain’t finished!

    It really got me thinking. No matter how beautiful, strong or accomplished Jennifer was and is, it seems journalists have misrepresented her potential destiny- to fulfill a prophecy of spinsterhood.

     Cover stories suggested this marriage simply was never going to happen. Regardless, I was somewhat surprised on how everyone seems to be spinning this momentous occasion in her life as the defining moment determining the state of euphoria. Countless entertainment sources have mapped this plot out for years, for our own adult amusement and fodder- and they couldn’t be more thrilled to report that “Dreams do come True?, “Revenge on Brangelina?, “Love Can Happen Over 40?, or my personal fav, “Aniston Finally Catching Up To Brad’s Ideal Family?.

    Although I am exploding with joy for my friend in my head, Jennifer Aniston- I’m simply going to leave her with a congratulations and my warmest of wishes to the A-list starlet after my own heart. Xoxo