Sugaring: The Sweetest New Form of Hair Removal

    Hair removal is a very real part of a girl’s beauty routine, and unless you’ve already had some form of laser treatment and are now perfectly smooth all over, it’s always a struggle to decide what method to go for.


    While shaving is the simplest and most painless way to go, it is not as efficient as waxing or getting laser. The smoothness lasts only a couple of days and you’re never really as hairless as you would like to be… plus there’s always the annoying danger of cutting yourself or getting ingrown hairs in unwanted places. Waxing certainly gives you a better finish, but it’s painful, (always, no matter what waxing salons or brands say), and you have to prepare for it. Salons always recommend that you grow your hair out about one fourth of an inch so that there is enough length and quantity for the wax to actually remove. Waxing can also cause rashes if your skin is sensitive – though I admit it is nice to feel smooth for a few days, after you choose to endure the torture, that is. Laser seems to be the most efficient long-term solution but it’s just not always possible for everyone due to the cost. I get you, which is why I’m here to tell you about a new, super sweet form of hair removal: sugaring.

    shutterstock_187254962 honeyMade out of sugar, water and lemon juice, sugaring paste is so natural you can literally eat it. Unlike wax, it has no chemical ingredients and unlike laser, there is no unnatural aspect to the process. It’s as convenient as shaving – seeing as you can make it at home with nothing but your basic ingredients – equally effective and much more soothing. Since the paste is applied at body temperature and the entire process is completely under your control, DIY sugaring is much safer than any of the other methods. With waxing there is heat and pressure involved which causes swelling and stress in your skin. With shaving there is the sharp blade that can cause cuts, rashes and scars. With laser there is the issue of the cost and of the potential damage that being exposed to the laser for a prolonged period of time could bring to your health.


    Other benefits? Sure, we’ve got many:

    The sugaring paste used for this DIY method also serves as an exfoliant, so during the process you are not only removing your hair, but also the toxins in your pores and the excess dry skin. Your body will be under no trauma and the sugary solution is easily washable with water so you won’t get that sticky awkward feeling that you get after waxing or that stale sensitive feeling you get after shaving. The paste is gentle enough to use a few times over the same area of skin if hairs are being stubborn, and it’s hypoallergenic so unless your skin is sensitive to lemon juice, this mix is completely harmless.

    shutterstock_83733790Another amazing thing about sugaring is the fact that it can remove hair at almost any stage of its growth. Ideally, a four to five day length leads to better results when removing, which is still very impressive when you think about the three week growth period you have to deal with before waxing! Of course this method is also a lot less likely to cause bacterial growth, as sugar naturally helps control contamination and can be applied to any area of your body without the danger of causing some form of infection. Unlike waxing and shaving, sugaring removes hair only in the direction of its growth, so the hair follicles come out intact, and because they are being removed when short, it is more likely for them to grow out thinner in the future and eventually with much less frequency.

    Is there anything we didn’t cover? Did we get you as excited about sugaring as we are? Let us know, and be sure to try out the DIY at home sugaring technique. We’ve included below a super simple tutorial by the fab Himani Wright which will answer all your question about the actual process. Be sure to comment and tell us about your results! Keep it sweet and smooth this spring girls, summer is just around the corner.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.57.31 PM


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