Student Accommodations: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

    The quest for the perfect student accommodation can be daunting. Australia is ranked third for the best abroad study destination, and in 2018, around 869,709 international students came to pursue high-quality education. This means with so many students, it’s surely not a child’s play to get the perfect student accommodation. 

    However, before you start with the search for student housing for yourself or for your child, there are some important things that you should consider: 

    Decide your budget 

    The most important thing you need to consider while looking for student accommodation is the budget. Double-check your monthly expenses and then decide the budget for rent. Do not make a separate cut-off for your other expenses; make a comprehensive budget with the rent being just a part of it. Also, make sure that the facilities provided in the accommodation are at power with the rent, if it’s too costly and not providing any facilities, it’s no good. 

    Once you decide to move in, you will also be asked to deposit a security amount. If you have found the house with the help of an estate broker, there is a heavy middleman fee involved in most cases. However, a much more economical alternative is looking up the internet. To seek help from some of the student housing experts, click here.

    Less time-consuming to reach campus 

    This one tops our list, and why not? A student’s priority is to save efforts and time in traveling to invest it in studies. It’s better if the accommodation is on the campus itself or it should be within walking distance from the college campus. The main advantage of on-campus or nearby accommodation is that you won’t be missing out on your classes nor will long travel hours exhaust you. In this way, you are also saving on the money consumed for daily transportation.

    Location of the accommodation

    With so many students looking for accommodation near the campus, it gets tricky to find one for yourself. So, if you decide to look for housing that’s not close to the campus, make sure that the house is located centrally to all the facilities such as a gym, a hospital, a police station, a grocery store, etc. 

    Look for transportation availability and see how much will it cost on a daily basis. Also, it’s important to check whether the locality is safe and comfortable for a student from a foreign country. 

    Prioritize on-campus accommodation 

    The on-campus accommodation provides facilities like security, food, a clean environment, and much more. The rent for this type of accommodation is very cost-effective, be it internet, electricity, gas or easy access to hot water, all of this comes in one package without any additional cost. 

    Talk to tenants currently living there

    To get the real and exact picture of what the accommodation is like, talking to current tenants is the easiest option. The tenants will, in most cases, share their unbiased feedback of the place, and that will give you much more clarity to make a decision. 

    So, before you sign the contract, don’t forget to consider all the points mentioned above. Shall you fail to choose the right student accommodation, it could be a real horror story, and we hope you don’t ruin your ‘happy student days’ by falling into the rabbit hole.


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