Stone + Lain Review

    Stone + Lain is a beautiful brand of modern dinnerware sets for every occasion. They just don’t create “dishware” they craft experiences, out of porcelain, china, and stone.  Their plates and bowls come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes for everyone’s personal preference. Stone + Lain is all about offering their customers high-quality tableware that’s also highly-affordable. They truly believe that your formal or casual table moment should be priceless, not pricey. 

    I received the beautiful Albie Stoneware White Dishware set | 16-Piece. I wanted to stick with something classic, yet beautiful. This dishware is seriously so pretty and its quality is top notch. If you like neutral colors like I do then you should definitely get this set, you will make a statement with your dishes. This set is the perfect combination of minimalist, modern, yet classicism. 

    The set comes with round plates, bowls, and cups that will leave your guests wondering where you got them. It includes large round 10” dinner plates, round 7.5” salad plates with a unique lipped edge, deep round 5.75” bowls and earthy 12 oz cups. This dishwasher is 100% microwave safe for easy cleaning and durability. These beautiful pieces work perfectly for your everyday dishware use, or even for your outdoor setting. Add your favorite tablecloth, cutlery, and stemware and you will have the perfect table setup! 

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