Stevie B’s Freestyle Nostalgia

    American singer, songwriter, record producer, and iconic ’80s freestyler Stevie B is back and bigger than ever! Streaming directly out of his studio to his fan base, Stevie B has out done his own original style and unique sound with new mixes and rhythmic beats inspiring a trending explosion of freestyle revival back into mainstream music. With his latest audiobook release, The Journey of a Perfect Man available on iTunes, it seems social media is opening the door for musicians and artists of the past to keep in touch with a new generation of fans and stay relevant, while having the power to shift the music industry once again.

    Current technology allows seemingly average joes to get noticed as they share their talents and promote themselves online, so you can only image the level of influence legendary Stevie has over the mass public. Die-hard fans are helping to spread the word regarding his latest music releases and concerts, extending to new audiences and heights in his career.

    With his ever-popular Facebook page, he shares dance favorites like “The Postman Song” here—a special, exclusive cut—with his growing supporters:

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    About The Journey of a Perfect Man:

    Hear the life story of Stevie B, The King of Freestyle, in his own words and voice in The Journey of the Perfect Man audiobook app. His childhood, his struggles, his successes, and his future are all chronicled with no-holds-barred. This is the official, untold story of one biggest recording artists of the ’80s and ’90s—a must-hear for any freestyle fan.

    See the man who recorded classics such as “Spring Love,” “Because I Love You (The Postman Song),” “I Wanna Be the One,” “In My Eyes,” “Dreaming of Love,” and many more in a whole new light and find out the real story behind his hits and what made him the legend he is today.

    The Journey of the Perfect Man was written by Stevie B and read by Stevie B in his recording studio in Los Angeles, California. Download the audiobook app on Android and iOS today.

    To Preview The Journey of the Perfect Man Click Here!


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