Starting A New Business: What You Need To Know In Handling Your Finances

    Starting a new business is a challenge and a great thing at the same time. Unfortunately it can be hard for new business owners to get enough finances to help get their business off the ground. Some unsuccessful businesses can be a result of a lack of management in their finances. This results in over spending which leads to long term debt before you get your business off the ground. In cases like this, it’s important to be able to know how to handle your finances accordingly so you don’t run into complications in the long run. If you’re concerned about your funds, here’s some tips on what you should know when handling your business finances. Let’s take a look.

    Have A Business Account and Personal Account Separate

    One of the first things to consider when starting a business is to open a new separate business bank account. Why? The reason why this is so important is because you need to know the incoming income and outgoing expenses that your business is generating. This over time helps you to recognise whether your business is starting to get off the ground or whether there’s some key areas that need assessment with possible new changes.

    Create A Finance Plan and Financial Projections

    Creating a finance plan and financial projections is important. When creating your plan you need to know your goals of where you want to get to, how you’ll get there, and how much you need in order to spend along the way. This finance plan and projections will be able to give you an indication as to whether there’ll be future obstacles that may creep up along the way.

    Don’t Get Behind On Invoicing

    One downfall of some businesses is they don’t keep up to date with their invoicing. When invoices get behind, payments are late, bills are paid late, and your business can start to suffer. Instead it’s always good to have a set time of the day or a set weekday each week to be able to complete your invoicing. This is key. If you keep your invoices up to date you have a better chance of keeping your business’s day to day operations on track without any delay.  Don’t forget to set payment terms to help limit the time for payments.

    Keep An Eye On Costs

    Your overall costs can make or break your new business. Because of this it’s important to keep a track of your costs and your spending to ensure you’re not overspending on something that isn’t important. This is where you need to be able to acknowledge what’s making you money and what’s costing you money. Once you find what’s costing you money, you can then work on ways on how to cut and reduce those costs.


    Starting a new business can be tiring, but in time very rewarding. Just like any successful business like Capstone, it’s important to keep a track on your finances every step of the way. By taking your time, planning ahead and really managing your funds you’ll have a higher chance of running a successful long term business. Have you been managing your finances?


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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