Socially Isolated Summer: 5 Tips For Enjoying Summer Fun In Your Own Backyard

    Just because you can’t take a family vacation this year doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in the house all summer. People are exploring all kinds of alternative ways to enjoy the summer, and many of the best possibilities are offered by your own backyard. 

    You’ll first need to clear your yard of clutter and debris. If you have any old bombs collecting rust in the back corner, your local wreckers will give you cash for cars. Once you’ve cleared and prepped your space, here are some fun mini-adventures you can enjoy with your family. 

    1. Transform Your Backyard Into a Fun Zone 

    Create a treasure hunt by filling a plastic bin with sand and hiding “treasure” in the form of buttons, coins, and cute pebbles. Then, call the kids in for some treasure-hunting fun. This should keep them out of your hair for quite some time.  

    You can also poke tiny holes in a water bottle and duct tape it to your water hose to create a summer sprinkler! This one is perfect for those hot sunny days and will not only help your kids to cool down but allow them to burn through some energy.

    Lastly, string a rope from tree to tree across the lawn and hang sheets with clothespins. Weigh down the sides with a pot plant to create a tent or “play fort” where your kids can have hours of fun. 

    2. Have a Backyard Picnic

    A backyard picnic is great because instead of driving home in a food coma afterwards, you can go inside and take a nap on the couch. Make cute sandwiches with your favorite fillings, or use crackers to create mini versions of your family’s favorite foods. 

    3. Enjoy Some On-Screen ‘Travel’

    Watch a travel-themed movie and pair it with the cuisine from the country that the movie takes place in. Alternatively, you could screen a virtual tour of your favorite travel destination online. You can find virtual tours of different museums and attractions from all around the world.  

    If it’s just you and your partner, make an event of it – screen the whole thing on a projector in your backyard, and order a romantic meal while you’re at it to complete your extravagant date night. 

    4. Go Camping at Home

    You don’t need to have proper camping equipment or even grass for that matter to camp out in your backyard. You can set up camp with something as simple as a beach tent and a tepee. 

    You can even set up an outdoor sports area next to your camping gear where your kids can play ball or mini-golf just to get them out of the house to enjoy the nice weather. 

    5. Wake Up For a Sunrise Buffet

    Wake up at the crack of dawn as if you were on vacation and admire the sunrise while listening to the sounds of nature. Most people never do this when they’re at home, so it will instantly give you holiday vibes.  

    While you’re up, consider making a home-made 5-star buffet breakfast. Since you probably won’t be staying at any hotels with a buffet breakfast anytime soon, making your own will bring the hotel feel to you. 

    Prepare different spreads that you’d find at a buffet breakfast, dig in, and imagine you’re at a resort somewhere far away.  

    Whether it’s something as simple as creating a summer playlist of music that makes you happy or camping out in your backyard, there are plenty of ways to have fun at home this summer.  


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