Social Gullible Media: Jokes On Us

    Alert the presses! Social Media is fake????

    Holy Sh_t!

    I’m sorry, am I the only person that does not find this revelation groundbreaking or refreshing?  Whether this is a ploy to garner more attention to gain even more social influence or her own personal admission of guilt for not being authentic or true to herself, I am less than inspired.

    Does the cheese really stand alone? (Cheese meaning me of course.)

    Recent headlines are flooding my newsfeed regarding Aussie Internet model Essena O’Neill renaming her Instagram account to “Social Media Is Not Real Life” in an attempt to expose the fabricated reality behind social media modeling to her 650,000+ followers and pleading to embrace a new movement called “Let’s Be Game Changers”.

    I guess you can refer to these insta-famous account holders as mini social media moguls, but truth be told, whether we followed her or not, no one would have known her name or cared who she is prior to this video going viral. Since her emotional outcry, Essena had edited many captions on her old posts enlightening the truth about endorsements (Really? People get paid for product placement?????), body image (Oh, I really thought there were that many fitness models and bikini competitors from my hometown), and the dramatic measures individuals take to get the “picture perfect” photo.

    Here is what is crazy to me… Individuals were actually shocked at this elucidation of social media and are going as far as praising her for her bravery. Can you say, “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest?”

    Isn’t social image, media and influence the most transparently obvious bone of contention within our technology-driven, evolving culture? I mean the entire premise is based on developing perceptions and showcasing extremes. It’s inevitable when we are all choosing exactly what aspects of our lives to share with our peers- or fan base I should say. I’m more upset with the individuals who found this exposition to be an exceptionally rare moment of thought-provoking truth behind the internet. (Insert Cousin Eddie’s voice here) You serious, Clark?

    I had no idea people were that clueless as to the supposed “best kept secrets of the social media”, filters, apps, paid opportunities, motivational quotes, random commoners thinking they are celebrities, etc. Obviously, no one is as hot as they are on Instagram, nor as special. I didn’t need a “model” to tell me this and if you are someone who did- I feel sorry for you.

    However, this is the world we live in. It is the world which we help to create every single day. I’m not going to throw social media under the bus, it is all in how you use it. There are positives and negatives to everything- especially when trying to expand networks and communities.

    Noticeably countless individuals abuse social media for their own agenda, propaganda, superficial or impersonal lies. They seek validation through “likes” and “followers” that don’t really exist. It’s all the same garbage. Too many babies to show I’m domestic, too many food shots implying I eat whatever I want, and too many sunsets with poetic inserts (or am I really that deep?)- We are all guilty of this at some point or another. But is this chick really igniting a discussion now, when we are already so deeply involved?

    Of course, irony ensues as her “friends” are coming out of the wood works claiming this was all a hoax for more recognition. Well Essena, job well done. Don’t ever under estimate how less than smart the mass public and this generation actually is.

    Final thought- vanity is one deadly sin.

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    • Nicole Papaioannou

      I agree with everything you wrote, if you’re considering adults, but for 13 years old girls who want to be just like this Instagram model, it might actually be a revelation.

      I grew up knowing what I saw on TVs, in magazines, in the movies, etc. was fake; even when I thought it was cool, I didn’t think it was “real life.” I can only imagine how confusing it must be to think people are just taking snapshots of their amazing lives, and that it’s real, and you’re just inadequate. I think what she’s doing isn’t unique or shocking, and may just be a new way to get attention, but it’s still a great thing for those young girls who see her as a role model. They need to know that Instagram accounts are productions, not candid shots. They’re self-curation at the very least.

      Great food for thought here, though 🙂

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