Smaller Implants Bigger Trends

    The way our body is related to self-esteem and confidence makes us go in search of perfection, and the obsession with a good shape and symmetry of each part of the much-praised female body has always been one of the most common pursuits in our lives. And is that wrong? Not at all. According to our history, breasts are associated as a symbol of femininity, abundance, and fertility, crucial characteristics to make our species stay alive. That is why, a defined bust, balanced with our body type becomes one of the most outstanding aspects of our figure. But, if you are not feeling very pleased about yours, stop thinking over, it is time to think about a boob job in Turkey.

    The fame of the success of surgeries in Turkey is growing fast as a foam, its doctors with many years of experience provide a safe, reliable and effective option to perform boob Job for prices that can’t be beaten by any other countries, that is why Turkey finds itself as the preferred destination for aesthetic procedures.

    A few years ago, it was quite frequent to see many women, most of them related to the entertainment world, proudly showing their extra-large boobs, with sizes difficult to imagine that would naturally exist, giving long interviews or visiting television programs. Then, exaggerated breast implants became the object of desire of every woman, that would dream about getting the perfect boob job leaving everyone speechless. Today, unreal and disproportionate bra sizes have ceased to be aesthetic to become vulgar and old, and to be replaced by a female figure that bets on an increasingly natural and fresher look, an appearance that instead of screaming desperately at everyone “LOOK AT ME” means rather “Admire me“.

    Also, when have we seen Victoria´s Secret angel on the catwalk with giant boobs? It is not a secret that the spectacular models of the company tend to have small breasts according to their body, it is not a surprise they have stopped placing padding on their bras.

    Living with large breast implants has serious disadvantages. The restlessness while exercising,  jogging or running enduring 5-7 kg jumping in our chest, shirts with buttons are a problem and any neckline will seem too suggestive, and not to mention back pain or improper postures; If we choose a breast implant that is consistent with our body shape we will avoid these inconveniences and we will look natural and sexy at the same time.

    However, breast surgery is a simple procedure, but it must be done by highly trained professionals in the area. For several years, Turkey has to turn out to be a fantastic option to access sophisticated treatments and, particularly, it is the heaven of cosmetic surgeries, specifically, Boob job, as it offers a wide range of options in health, variety of landscapes and incomparable places worth visiting.

    Imagine those relaxing days before the surgery by visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque, walking through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul , or watching the sunset over the sea of ​​Izmir, then, being attended by the best surgeons getting the body you wanted, and finally, the last days of rest at the hotel during your recovery. It’s an advantage that this surgery does not require such a long time to return to your activities, it is as simple as taking 1 week of vacation at any time of the year (thanks to the warm weather you’ll enjoy no matter the season) for your boob job in Turkey to return renewed and changed in a short time. It is an option that allows you to achieve your dreamed body while giving your mind a rest and a touch of pleasure to your life. 

    Getting the change you have always fantasized to your body is possible and accessible, it only requires that you convince yourself in what you want and in what you deserve to take the step that will make you feel more confident and surer about yourself!


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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