Skin craving the good stuff? Beauty By Earth has got your back (and your face too!)

    Featured on Oprah Daily; Beauty By Earth is hitting your local skincare aisles online at (of all amazing places) by storm. President and Founder; Prudence Millsap, was inspired back in 2013; when her son was diagnosed with a severe medical condition. Advised by doctors that certain chemicals and harmful toxins found in everyday products could affect his health, Prudence decided to make some changes in her home. After discovering that many common products used every day were filled with nasty chemicals, (and cleaner options were heavily overpriced), Prudence had enough with the lack of concern the beauty industry appeared to have.

                                    Thus, Beauty By Earth was born. 

    Their nature of business is just exactly that; nature. Made with plant-based ingredients, Beauty By Earth promises to stay away from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, gluten, and synthetic dyes or fragrances. Never will you have to worry about your face wash, body wash, or even—get this—your self-tanner (!!!) compromising your skin or health. Beauty By Earth is on a mission to create the products you will love, with the cleanest high-quality ingredients you can find, gifted to us by our wonderful Mother Nature. They strive off the belief that everyone should have beauty products that help us and our environment thrive from the inside out. Now don’t worry, caring for your skin and environment will not come at a hefty price. In fact, that is another core belief of Beauty By Earth; making products affordable. They promise you won’t have to compromise on value and quality.

    To add even more great to this good; Beauty By Earth just announced their new partnership with RePurpose Global in becoming plastic neutral. This means that for every 1 lb of plastic the company generates in packaging and distribution, they remove 1 lb of plastic waste from the natural environment. So not only will your skin glow, so will our beautiful earth!

    From their anti-aging facial serum to their coffee & sugar body scrub, Beauty By Earth is exactly the brand you want to clean your skin. If you have not stocked your shelves with their products yet, what are you waiting for? Go visit their website, their new app, or click onto and start ordering! While you’re at it, if you’re looking for tips and tricks Beauty By Earth also keeps you in the know with the latest trends and beauty rituals on their Instagram. Go follow them @beautybyearth. Even better; take a selfie using your new skincare favorites and tag your post #beautybyearth to get featured in their gallery, and maybe get a free goodie!

    What do you and nature have in common? You’re both deserving of tender love and care!


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