Simple and Easy Ways to Run an Online Background Check

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    Background Checks Made Easy with Reverse Email Lookup

    There are many moments when you are faced with unease and tension over someone new who has entered your personal or professional life or that of someone close to you.

    Whether you are looking to hire an impressive candidate you just interviewed, or you are planning on getting a new tenant to share your apartment with or your daughter has started dating someone new or you are invited to join for dinner by someone you are attracted to at the gym, we constantly deal with people we hardly know of with different levels of intimacy. When the importance of that relationship heightens and the impact they could have on you or your loved one intensifies, the red light of caution will inevitably turn on.

    According to Ron Friedman, the author of Best Place to Work, a whopping 81 percent of candidates lie during job interviews, making screening candidates a real challenge for managers. The challenges faced by landlords due to tenants are equally concerning, with payment issues, misrepresentations of information provided and concealed criminal records continuously ranking high in the list of common issues they face. Meanwhile, a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that 7 percent of high school students have reported sexual violence by dating partners, while 8 percent have reported physical violence. An FBI warning issued this year pointed to a 70 percent increase in reported fraud involving online dating sites. The numbers are indeed staggering, and protecting yourself and your loved ones against possible scams, frauds and criminal activities come more as a necessity than an option.

    When an important decision is intertwined with someone unfamiliar, you often feel the impulse and urgency to find out all those elusive details hidden behind the façade. While this may come across as being intrusive, media reports and warnings leaves you with not much option but to take charge of your safety and that of your loved ones.

    The all-important background search

    In moments like these, a background check could go a long way to give you that peace of mind of knowing more than what meets the eye. Digging into a person’s background and history by checking online activity is the easiest way to get this done. And you’ll be surprised to find that sometimes all you would need is an email address.

    The internet provides an ocean of information all linked together through connected platforms, systems and networks, making it almost impossible for anyone to dive into oblivion. Technology has enabled tools that combine ease, speed, accuracy and anonymity to protect you from common scams, making it easier to carry out background screenings to validate the authenticity of a person’s profile more than ever before. This also means that background checks on a person’s online activity can now be carried out in many ways and all you may need is a basic piece of information such as the email address to identify the individual.

    The simplest way to get this done is with an online search carried out by yourself. You can enter the email address on a search platform to dig up details that are generated online through social media platforms and other online activity. However, this could be a time-consuming cumbersome process for the amateur sleuth. Another challenge you may encounter is that what you find on social media might not always be accurate since many people are known to fabricate and exaggerate their personal lives on social platforms. This is why seeking professional help has increasingly grown in popularity. Private investigators who specialize in background checks is one option to get quick results, although they are expensive and unaffordable to many.

    A more commonly used option today is online search sites such as Nuwber, which specializes in running background searches at a fraction of the cost of a private investigator, all the while maintaining your anonymity.

    The affordability of these platforms has driven many people to turn to online background search sites. They are able to provide accurate and reliable information on an individual’s online and offline activity by accessing general information, social media sites, public records as well as criminal records from a wide network of information sources. These technology-driven platforms can access complex networks of databases to provide a comprehensive set of information at lightning speed to ensure that you get your hands on any amount of data relating to a person’s history.

    So, what can an email address really tell you?

    Can an email address realistically provide you with that much of insights into a person’s background and history? What kind of information can you really access through these background search sites?, for instance, claims on its website to get you access to a broad range of details covering the personal, financial and professional background with a simple bit of information such as the email address.

    A person’s basic personal information you can uncover could vary from the resident address to date of birth and marital status. It could also inform you whether and to what extent the person screened has run into trouble with the law for example, by getting you access to details on basic traffic violations, police records, lien records and evictions as well as criminal records. It could also get you access to a broad range of other information such as personal opinions, preferences, beliefs and alliances – from political opinion to their favorite football team.

    Records on financial status can range from credit ratings and financial fraud to any bankruptcy filings made by the individual. A comprehensive professional background check would include employer details, previous employment history as well as commercial records.

    Running background checks could be an overwhelming task – whether you are attempting to make a sound business decision for your company or looking out for your safety and security or those of your loved ones. From the guilt of invading privacy, to the worries and apprehensions attached to the unknown, it could also send you on an emotional rollercoaster. However, the dangers of especially technology-driven scams, frauds, and criminal activity are very real and protecting yourself and your loved ones should never become a second priority. Technology has given us new tools to minimize potential risks and ensure safety and security at a click of a button. When a plethora of information can now be accessed with something as simple as an email address, why leave your safety to chance?


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