5 People You Need in Your Power Bi Governance Team


    In today’s business landscape, data is the driving force in any company’s operations. No matter what industry your business is in, there is a need to leverage data to maximize market opportunities. However, data will only remain to be a bunch of numbers and a jumble of information if it’s not organized, analyzed, and shared with the team.

    Microsoft’s Power BI service provides businesses with a platform that harnesses and correlates data to aid in decision and policymaking. To effectively implement this intelligence solution across all departments, a Power BI governance team must be created.

    What is Power Bi Governance?

    Power BI governance is a set of business analytics tools that monitor, audit, and control the usage of an organization’s reports and dashboards. It allows key people to be on top of business intelligence activities. It also deters cases of misused and overlooked data. 

    One of the most vital goals of data governance is to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of all reports and spreadsheets. A team must be created to effectively reign in the chaos that might be brought by a deluge of unmanaged data. Good data governance can be achieved by building a strong team. A Power BI governance team will have the following set of qualifications and responsibilities.

    Corporate Sponsor

    A corporate sponsor empowers all the members of a team, especially in a self-service Power BI. Self-service business intelligence allows users to access and use corporate data even without a background in BI, data mining, or statistical analysis.

    The main task is to prioritize the areas of concern and assess the tools needed to solve them. A corporate sponsor is also in charge of approving or ending specific projects.

    These critical tasks need somebody who can influence organizational strategies that revolve around the use of BI tools.

    Power BI Administrator

    This person needs to have a solid knowledge of IT management and authentication. He ensures the correct configuration and monitoring of services.

    The Power Bi Administrator is in charge of the initial set-up and license agreement. He coordinates with the Power BI consulting firm for proper gateway management.

    Data Security Manager

    Security and safety of data is a vital part of data governance. The person who will manage these aspects must know about IT Service Management, data security, classification, and auditing.

    The data security manager ensures that all data will be kept within the organization, yet accessible to those who need it. It will be made possible by the strict implementation of security compliance policies.

    Data Steward

    A data steward creates and maintains business metadata and policies. Data assessment and enhancement lies in his hands. He should be able to collaborate with the team and the technical stakeholders of the organization. He is also in charge of maintaining the data catalog and data dictionary. 

    Skills in data mashups, modeling, and provision are needed to perform the crucial responsibilities of data stewardship effectively.

    BAU (Business as Usual) Support Specialist

    The BAU Support Specialist ensures the smooth operations of all Power BI solutions. Responsibilities of this essential job include service status monitoring and issue resolutions within the scope of the Service-level agreement.

    The support specialist also grants access to the Power BI app workspace and manages gateway support. To be able to perform all of these, he needs to have vast experience in Power BI development and gateway monitoring.

    An organization is only as reliable as its team, and Power BI governance is no exception. These key people, together with other team members, are the gears that will keep the data machinery working flawlessly. 


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