Show Appreciation! This Is How to Reward Employees

    Did you know that only 54% of employees feel that their company is loyal to them according to a CareerBuilder survey? Showing your employees that they are appreciated will go a long way with retaining employees that want to be there. We have put together this list of how to reward employees and show them that they matter and that they are appreciated.

    Keep reading for our top ideas.

    1. Plant Gifting

    Adding greenery into an office space can make someone not only happier but more productive. This is why gifting an employee a plant for a job well done is a great idea.

    If you are looking for remote employee rewards then you can have a plant delivered right to your employee’s home. 

    2. Office BBQ

    A Friday BBQ before they are off for the weekend is another great way to show you care. You can have a BBQ scheduled for a few hours during the time that employees usually work. Your employees will love that they can hang out and eat during a time that they would normally be working. 

    This simple gesture for a job well done to your team will go a long way and will motivate employees for weeks and months after the BBQ takes place.

    3. Time Off

    A paid week off for doing an exceptional job at work will be more than rewarding for employees. Giving them time to spend with their family without cutting into their annual vacation days will be highly appreciated. This type of reward will have other employees working extra hard to be rewarded with a paid week off as well.

    4. Gift Cards

    Handing out $5 or $10 gift cards for a job well done is a great way to show thank you without breaking the bank. These can be used for employment anniversaries, birthdays, as well as for recognition. 

    Places like your local coffee or sandwich shop are something they can use during their breaks and they will feel thankful for whatever they order as they are eating or drinking it.

    5. Small Events

    If a BBQ is too much you can throw small break room celebrations every couple of weeks as long as employees are hitting their target numbers. You can also provide catered lunches when you are having a mandatory business meeting.

    The key is to find any excuse to have a small employee appreciation event. These small gestures will go a long way and will retain your employees because it will show them you care. 

    Now You Know How to Reward Employees

    This is our top list on how to reward employees that you can pick and choose from as you create your own reward system. Keep in mind that having a reward system in place is going to take some planning, creativity, and thoughtfulness but, it will be totally worth it.

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