4 Most Effective Instagram Marketing Tips for 2020

    With over 110 million worldwide users actively accessing Instagram for one reason or another, it certainly makes an excellent platform for marketing.

    And even though Instagram is said to be the most popular among younger generations, businesses targeting prospects across all age groups are finding it helpful to an extent. However, making the most out of your campaigns on Instagram will be different from doing the same on other platforms.

    To resolve the issue, here are X effective methods of boosting your business’ marketing performance on Instagram.

    1. Use a Business Account

    The first thing you can do to be able to reach your business prospects through Instagram is having a business account. Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to access it either as a browsing individual or a business/artist.

    While using a non-business account, you will be able to access Instagram as a normal user. However, using a business account will enable you to publish and launch ad campaigns. Plus, Instagram allows business accounts to set up a contact button on their profile pages. Through this button, your prospects will be able to directly get in touch with you over email or phone call.

    2. Make Sure to Optimize Your Bio

    Your Instagram bio is a place that sends out a message regarding your business or its motto.

    Whether you own an ice cream business or a makeup company, your motto will help you connect to your prospects instantly.

    This can be done either by declaring your company’s motto, your business’ goals for its customers or by mentioning a USP that makes your service good enough for your prospects.

    For example, @acolorstory on Instagram has a spot on bio that distinctly defines what they do.

    This can easily intrigue people who like colors or have an interest in arts.

    3. Don’t Run Ads Purposelessly For Random Posts

    Yes, Instagram is a great platform for running ads. But does it mean that any random post can perform well with Instagram ads?

    Not really! Many of us might have come across ads on Instagram, that may look good but aren’t actionable or don’t seem to have a purpose.

    For example, you may see an ad with a picture that has no caption or no call-to-action. It’s just a good picture. Indeed, abstract art is a thing, but the idea of not sending out the right information can backfire.

    Plus, your ad campaign dashboard isn’t the place to play around. With money at stake, it’s crucial to optimize your ad campaigns correctly.

    4. Use the Latest Features

    Whether it’s Instagram’s latest Reels feature or a new filter that is gaining popularity rapidly, for best results, it’s recommended that you use them to create content.

    “Reels” is a new content format on Instagram that features 15-second videos. The feature comes with a plethora of editing features enabling users to create interesting and highly engaging content.

    Also, don’t forget to use the latest hashtags whenever you post on Instagram. The right hashtags can dramatically boost your reach.

    NOTE: Being a new feature on Instagram, “Reels” is currently showing better results when compared to “Instagram Stories”. For now, it’s comparatively easier to get more reach with Reel videos.

    And don’t worry if you are new to Instagram marketing and aren’t aware of the type of content that performs best here. Ryan Alford is a marketing maverick with over 20 years of experience. Get in touch with him to boost your Instagram success, and you’ll see the results quicker than anything.

    Wrapping Up

    Moving further, marketing on Instagram largely depends on how you can intrigue your prospects and catch their attention for longer. In this post, we shared four tips to help our readers do better at Instagram marketing.

    Hopefully, this was helpful.


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