Shattered Dreams….

    To the children out there that’s been let down, disappointed, left behind, and ultimately hurt.

    Raised by a single parent or your parents parents, or even worse a group home or streets. I can relate feel your pain and understand your frustration.

    what people put emphasis on and make a priority, money; It isn’t on the top of the list for this group of people.

    Love is the first choice,

     to be loved, to be in love. To feel excepted,  exceptional and to belong.  To be valued. emotionally stable and cared for.  To be a priority, feel special and irreplaceable. To know your life matters to someone other than yourself.  To feel approved,  guidance,  affection, wanted, needed, missed. embraced.  But most of all loved..

    Understand that this is not your fault. 

     Even more so, understand this isn’t entirely your parents fault either.  Not making excuses for which ever parent or parents disconnected from you upbringing. Have you heard the saying, butterfly effect? when one person’s actions have cause and effect to the future?

    Well what ever hang ups or insecurities led your parent or parents down the wrong path,can carry over to their children or how they raise their children.

    The cycle can be broken. 

    We need to take inventory of what has hurt us and why. Evaluate it and try to understand both sides of the coin. The coin being you and your parents. when u can understand why they are the way they became, only then will you find closure. With that said you can change the pattern from continuing onto your children.

    We are only human.

     Life isn’t easy. If we’re not chasing a dream or money, goals then we’re battling our own existence.  Depression,  confidence,  self esteem.  We are our worst enemies.  Love yourself.  believe in yourself.  Watch the world take notice, and  start to believe in you as well.

    Don’t think about what could of been. 

    You were made head strong, more than you realize.  Don’t dwell on the past.  Make a better future. Don’t give up on what you love, enjoy or your God given talents. A shattered heart can be mended. Your dreams can be manifested.

    Remember this, The broken are the more evolved! 


    • entrepreneur/ podcast host/creative writer/ blogger/ song writer/ producer/ actor/ Cartoon illustrator/ certified chef/photographer...If I'm the smartest person in the room then I'm in the wrong room..... Success is a mindset. Always find the good in any bad situation. Love yourself, stay positive and be the best version of yourself!