Sending Gifts to Families Overseas

    The US is a nation of immigrants. Naturally, it’s difficult to be away from your family as it is let alone on important holidays and milestones. Whether you send a gift certificate to a cousin in Italy or flower delivery for a holiday in the Ukraine, it’s the thought that counts.Here is a list of where people come from the United States as it cites the foreign-born population the United States as of 2013 (Source: Wikipedia):


      500,000 +

    Rate of immigration to the United States relative to sending countries’ population size, 2006–2010.

    Foreign born population of the United States by country of birth in 2013 (U.S. Census Bureau)[87]and number of immigrants between 1986 and 2012 by country of birth[88]

    A country is included in the table if it exceeded 50,000 in either category.

    Country of birthPopulation (2013)Immigrants (1986–2012)
     United States316,497,5313,132
    Total foreign born41,347,94526,147,963
     El Salvador1,252,067676,776
     South Korea1,070,335609,321
     Dominican Republic991,046904,721
     United Kingdom695,489383,037
     Trinidad and Tobago232,026157,689
     Republic of Ireland128,350104,586
     Bosnia and Herzegovina112,240129,481
     South Africa95,19169,992
     Saudi Arabia88,894n/a
     Costa Rica78,65947,648
     Czech Republic64,35427,354
     Sri Lanka51,26851,675

    Note: Counts of immigrants since 1986 for Russia includes “Soviet Union (former)”, and for Czech Republic includes “Czechoslovakia (former)”.

    As you can see roughly 12% of the US population is foreign-born which means that families are inevitably separated, and technology can close that gap. Ideally, you want to provide a gift that is meaningful for your relatives. Our staff is from three different countries with two being foreign born as the New Theory team often is tasked with sending gifts and sometimes even Western Union money. Some ideas are traditional are to send roses in the Ukraine or even a simple phone case for their new iPhone. Just because our families live overseas, doesn’t mean they are any further from our hearts.

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